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People Perception towards AES

A research

syafiq zulkifli

on 9 June 2013

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Transcript of People Perception towards AES

-The Perception of People- Company Background Introduction Problem Statement Methodology Findings Research Objectives Hypothesis on Findings - The Automated Enforcement System (AES) is the road safety enforcement system to monitor all federal roads, highways and expressways in Malaysia. a) Is AES technology implement to educate drivers is the priority of the authorities and the authorities should not be focusing on the punishment or summons of the said drivers.

b) What are the advantages of enforcement of traffic offenses through AES than existing methods?

c) Will the system prove that this method is the most efficient way to reduce the number of accident? a) To know how much the road users and the citizens of Malaysia perception and acceptance towards this new enforcement system.

b) To measure and to revealed the advantages and disadvantages using AES technology instead of normal CCTV Cameras.

c) To indicates whether this method is the most efficient way to reduce the road collision. - Distributes the questionnaire - Questionnaires was administered to the citizen’s population of 200 road user in Kajang and Puchong highway. About 150 responses to the questionnaires survey were obtained.

- Using the Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPSS) in order to analysis the data and findings. - The findings show that majority of people agreed and satisfied with the implement of the AES. Therefore , the early hypothesis is deny by the findings. The Perception of Road User in Selangor towards Automated Enforcement System (AES) Muhammad Syafiq Zulkifli CVB 110711615 A Presentation by, AES - They believe it can control the rate of accident on roads, reduce the number of deaths, to control and to make road drivers beware of their speed limit and to ensure the safety of road users. Malaysia Road Transport Department (RTD) - Established in 1937, under the Traffic Enactment 1937. It was then known as the Road Transport Board works after regulating and licensing of public enterprises. - An organization that provides high quality services, manage and enforce the collection of revenue in a transparent and efficient transportation. The Transport Ministry is the owner of the AES while its agencies will be responsible for executing the system. - Conduct interview with the
company involved. - Documentation approach Recommendation Contributions a)Create media publicity and campaign about the awareness on the AES

b)Add more duration of traffic enforcement activities.

c)The ruling party or the government must show some effort on how to attract the Malaysian road user to accept this AES technology LOT 139 JALAN 7/7C SEKSYEN 7 43650BANDAR BARU BANGI
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