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Bulacan i-Tech Park

No description

Carlo Lagonsin

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Bulacan i-Tech Park

Bulacan i-Tech Park
“An Innovative and Invigorating Business Park in the Province of Bulacan, Applying the concept of Smart and Green Building Technologies”
Bulacan I-Tech Business Park is a development project of ICT technology park based in the Province of Bulacan. The development of the project will furnished the demand of BPO and ITO related industry in the province as well in the country, wherein BPO Industry is said to be an emerging industry. The development of Health and Wellness Center aims to mitigate the alarming health effects on BPO employees working in the said environment.
Background of the Study
Envisioned to be the paradigm of ICT and BPO Industry in the Province of Bulacan, the proposed Bulacan i-Tech Park will revolutionize the conventional BPO working environments through the incorporation of new Architectural solutions in designing a stress-filled office environments like the BPO world.

Specifically, the study aims to answer the following question:
• What are the new architectural developments and technologies or other related trends to be incorporated in the project to make a typical BPO Environment a more conducive and an innovative BPO workplace?
• What are the indoor environmental factors to be considered that may influence comfort and health of workers in an office building design?
• In terms of cost and energy efficiency. What are the new concepts to be applied in order to make the workplace environment an effective one?
• What are the facilities that can be incorporated in designing a Wellness and Lifestyle Hub in order to help in mitigation of stress in office environments for BPO employees?
• The main goal of the proposed project is to develop a one of a kind Information Communication Technology (ICT) Park and Wellness and Lifestyle Hub in the province of Bulacan that will serve as the paradigm of BPO-ICT Industry and Health and Lifestyle in the Province of Bulacan.
• to revolutionize the conventional BPO office environments into a one of a kind Business park development by providing invigorating and interactive concepts through the incorporation of green building technologies and smart architecture.
to mitigate the Health hazards commonly found in the BPO world.
• To adapt green building technologies and concepts thus helping to invigorate the environmental sense in the hub. Giving more sense of place and breathing space concept in designing a business park.
• To incorporate and translate holistically the present systems, concept and solutions of smart architecture in such a way that the structure will represent interactive environments thus mitigating the stress commonly found in the BPO environments that may lead to a conducive working ambiance for the office workers.
• To Innovate and Translate present Architectural systems and solutions in designing an office building, thus leading to a conducive working environment.
• To incorporate different facility that boost well being and lifestyle of employees working in the BPO world. Specifically, adapting Leisure facilities like Spas, Gym, and Healthy Restaurants.
case studies
local case study
UP-AyalaLand TechnoHub, Diliman, Quezon City
37.5-hectare site
Fourteen low-rise corporate buildings.
center retail area with a fountain plaza.
man-made lagoon and natural landscaping.
Cebu I.T Park, Cebu City
‘The Walk’ Lifestyle center.
PEZA Accredited
buildings sprawls at about 16-18 storeys high
PEZA Accredited
Architectural Analysis :
The building character of the buildings are considered to be in modern contemporary style. Cladding and Glazed facades are present in each structures which represent being contemporary.
The Central Retail Area adapts radial planning by which most of the style that can also be found plays different shapes and angles.

Site Development Analysis:
The park adapts systems for sustainable environment with the application of district cooling, water recycling, and storm water management.
Security is also observed very carefully within the vicinity of Financial Firms. Security outpost upon entering the gate of financial firms is located in a way that it observes thoroughly the cars passing by. Fences are also present within the location of financial firms.
Architectural Analysis :
Unlike the TechnoHub in Diliman, Quezon City the Cebu I.T Park Buildings, sprawls at about 16-18 storeys high.
Modern Approach is adapted with majority of the building adapts cladding technology and block forms.
Site Development Analysis :
Linear Grid Form is adapted in the site.
Open spaces dedicated to greenery.
Fully landscaped green strips.
foreign case studies
Solar Office at Doxford International Business Park
60° inclination PV arrays and glass cladding has been adapted
Sustainability through Air Circulation System is achieved through the integration of basic knowledge on Convection Current where warm air goes up and colder air goes down, the designer puts up vent system where the air will go through.
Architectural Analysis
Infosys Technologies Limited at Jaipur, India
Water Efficiency
Low flow dual-flush toilets, sensor based urinals and other low flow fixtures have been selected to install at site to reduce water consumption by over 40 %.
Specialized selection of landscaping design and species to reduce overall landscaping water requirement by 100%. 100% of wastewater is being treated onsite to tertiary standards using Membrane bio reactor based technology.

Site Sustainability Features
Rain water harvesting tanks have been provided to harvest 533 cum per day of rain water and this is to ensure postconstruction runoff is less than pre-construction runoff.
100% of roof area is covered with a highly reflective material to reduce heat islands and to minimize impact on microclimate and human and wildlife habitat.
Provision of carpooling spaces for 5% of the total car parking capacity within the premises in an effort to promote sharerides to reduce transportation pollution as well as strain on the local infrastructure.
Site Selection
The Bulacan Province
Bulacan which has been recognized as the home of the Next Wave Cities in the Philippines. The Province of Bulacan passed the criteria set by the DOST-ICTO and IBPAP which includes favorable business environment, enough work supply and manpower, strong telecommunication structure, low cost of doing business, and other factors that sustain the business-process outsourcing (BPO) industry.
Dubbed as the "Northern Gateway from Manila," it is in Bulacan where the national trunkline road, Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway, forks in the Cagayan Valley Region in the northeast and towards the rest of North Luzon in the north and northwest. Such accessibility is a key factor that prompted private investors to develop several industrial estates in the province.
The province's strategic location is further highlighted in Central Luzon 's regional development as it is expected to play an important role in realizing the "W Growth strategy of the Medium Term Development Plan of the Region.”
Site A - Malolos City
20 hectares
Site B - City of San Jose del Monte
Site C - Municipality of Calumpit
Major Criteria
• Conformity to the Land Use Plan
• Property Value and Labor Cost
• Scale and Quality of Catchment

• Proximity to Infrastructure and Utilities

• Site Capacity (for Future Development and Expansion)
• Risk Profile

Minor Criteria
• Site Capacity

• Aesthetic Value

• Climate

1. Total talent outturn (technical graduates, non-technical graduates, post graduates,specialized courses)
2. Proportion of young population (for future scalability)
3. Number of educational institutions and training facilities
4. Adjacent to Business District
1. Transportation (Roads and Railways if there’s any)
2. Telecommunication Services
3. Internet Bandwidth Availability
4. Power
5. Water

1. Flooding
2. Earthquake
3. Landslide
4. Proximity to Police Station
5. Proximity to Fire Station
6. Corruption Index of the Government of the City or Municipality

1. Vegetation
2. Topography
4. Surroundings

1. Amount of Rainfall
2. Relative humidity
3. Temperature

1. Shape
2. Size
3. Existing Development
Weighing Factors
1 = not very important
2 = somewhat important
3 = important
4 = very important
5 = essential

SWOT Analysis

• Site is a Corner Lot. Adjacent to National Highway (Quirino Highway) and
Major Road (Sta. Maria – Tungkong Mangga Road).

• Wide and Vast Lands for future developments and expansions.
• High Lands not prone to flooding.

• Strategically located for mixed used developments and special developments.
• Relatively flat terrain with gradual sloping near Quirino Highway.
• Development of such kind of project is highly favorable by the LGU of CSJDM.

• Building constraints because of the presence of Vegetation.

• Slope near the Quirino Highway might lead to Landslide.

• Undeveloped Roads of Sta. Maria – Tungkong Mangga Road.

• Proximity to the Business District of the City (Tungkong Mangga).

• Lower part of the site can be a potential Business District.

• Proximity to Ample amount of mature subdivisions with considerable
number of tertiary graduates.

• Proximity to the Proposed MRT-7 terminal in Bulacan.

• Proximity to Terminals of buses that majority of them travels in EDSA.

• Brgy. Tungkong Mangga is a developing locale in San Jose del Monte City.

• Site is situated in an undeveloped vicinity.

• Considering the fact that the site is located in the other side of Quirino highway
wherein development is minimal, it’s a risk for security and other wild hazards.

• Considering also that most of the development found within the vicinity is not that
modern in terms of Architectural Features and Concept. Applying the concept of Smart
Architecture in the project might as well a risk to pursue.

• Proximity to grasslands and other vegetations might affect the development of the project.

site analysis
user analysis
environmental systems
design framework
design philosophy
BPO Environments
Lifestyle and Wellness
Oriented Spaces

Green and Smart Building

innovative and invigorating business park
“The concept is to create a vibrant and an enhanced working environments for BPO employees, helping to mitigate social and health risk through the incorporation of Smart building technologies, Green Building Systems, and wellness and health oriented spaces”
design concept
form concepts
site development form
Linear Form of Organization will be adapted wherein series of spaces/ structures are essentially arranged in such a way that they directly relates to one another. Linear Form usually consists of repetitive spaces which are alike in size, form, and function. The form of a linear organization is inherently flexible and can respond to various conditions of its site. It can adapt to changes of topography, maneuver around a body of water or a stand of trees.
structure form
Modern Modular Forms will be conceived as the formational concept of office buildings, which takes the advantage of the economical, environmental, and structural benefits of standard, proven modular construction techniques. Modern Modular application on the form concept will generally adapt interlocking volumes and shapes or face-to-face contact of shapes, forming different figures shown below.
function concept
As the paradigm of ICT-BPO Industry in Bulacan, the proposed projects will foster relationships within the community and locale it resides in.
Bulacan’s i-Tech Park extensive and innovative open spaces will give residents a venue to nurture the bond between office workers, family and neighbors. It does provide a community development that promotes the health and well-being of all inhabitants, as a healthy ecosystem does.
Concepts of Innovative Open Spaces which nurture the bonds of users. (Source : images.google.com)
time concept
To adapt the concept of Flexibility in Office Planning, that can withstand the challenging and changing time through the proper selection of materials and careful planning considerations.
economy concept
Adapting low maintenance yet high performance office facility for BPO Employees through the integration of Smart Building Technology and Green Building Technology.
Pre fabricated materials will be used as the main core of building the structures, ranging from its structural framing up to its shell components like the glazing, cladding and other coverings and embellishments. Modular Building approach also affects the economical sense of building the structure wherein it speeds up construction completion time by almost 50% and reduces site disturbance compared to site-built construction.
profit generation commercial establishments will be strategically located wherein access of public users is easy yet will not disturbed the working environments of BPO employees.
styleguiding principle
Modernist Style
Inspired by Function
Simplicity in Form and Design
Nothing to Hide
Interesting Roof systems
Window as design
Creative Open Floor Plans
Post and Beam Architecture
Revamped Outdoor Space
Material consciousness

Beijiao Cultural Centre, Shunde, China which shows site development following the contour and topography of site. (Source: Gravity Green - https://www.facebook.com/gravitygreen)
Strong Linear Elements. (Source : https://architecturedaily.com)
Zhixin Hybrid Modern Office Building which shows it's post construction (Source: Gravity Green - https://www.facebook.com/gravitygreen)
Concours Office Building, showing its Interesting Roof System, Creative open floor plan, Window as design, and revamped outdoor space characteristics.
(Source : http://openbuildings.com)

Stunning Estate on Sunset Strip (Source : Architecture Daily https://www.facebook.com/architecturedaily)
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