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Welcome to Special Topics in Social Work: School Social Work

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Robin Acconi

on 10 September 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to Special Topics in Social Work: School Social Work

School Social Work Session 1
Group Activity:
List your best memory from school

Your worst memory

Your favorite part of the school day
Community school model-

Focuses on the relationship of
the school to the community. Interventions should have only this focus.
Welcome to Special Topics in Social Work:
School Social Work
Dr. Robin DeLuca- Acconi

(c) 516-547-4834

Alderson’s clinical
model of school social work- Focuses on changing the student alone.
On the index card please write:


Contact information

Field Placement

Academic Advisor
With a partner:
What brought you to this class?
Something that people would be surprised to know
Something on your "bucket list"
School change model- Focuses on changing the
environment and conditions of the school. Interventions that
focus on changing only the school environment
Social interaction model-

Involves interactions between
the student, the environment, the school and community, all in interaction with each other.
David has been diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome. As a consequence of this disorder,
he has verbal and motor tics that cause him to make noises, blurt out words, or engage in
actions such as finger tapping, neck stretching, twirling, and eye blinking. Other children
make fun of David. David says this makes him feel sad and lonely. David himself has
trouble with his handwriting and paying attention for long. The teachers have indicated
that they do not know about Tourette syndrome. In the community, a formerly free clinic
for Tourette syndrome has been closed. David’s family has a low income. They appear
willing to work with the school but don’t know what to do.
What do you think the role of a school social worker should be?
One way that you wish an adult would have helped you in school

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