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Assistive Technology - ClaroRead v6

A highly effective multi-sensory software solution for supporting individuals who struggle with reading and writing.

anthony vachris

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Assistive Technology - ClaroRead v6

ClaroRead v6 ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY COST? Price: $195.00 – $425.00

Available in Standard, Plus, Premium and Pro versions COMPATABILITY? Use with Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010.

ClaroRead is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP. DEMONSTRATION? None. Just install like you would any other software! MODIFICATIONS? CONTEXTS? Practicing reading:
Included visual tools color, highlight and focus on difficult to read text as it is spoken by the computer. Practicing writing / typing:
Not only static text, but words can be read aloud as they are typed - more accurate papers, study notes Studying:
Collect text from documents and web pages,
group it as a file, send to Word or PowerPoint. Researching:
Scan/convert books, articles and other content to become accessible, readable and editable. HIGHLIGHTS? • Any text on screen can be spoken aloud in high-quality 20 languages

• Bilingual Word and phrase translation

• 50,000 word prediction dictionary with add-on dictionaries targeting specific subjects

• Users of any age and level of ability References

BoundlessAT. ClaroRead v6. Retrieved from www.boundlessat.com/Learning

YouTube. ClaroRead demonstration video. Retrieved from YouTube:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVIhAQOC4M0&feature=youtu.be THE END.
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