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Meriwether Lewis + Wilderness Road

No description

Denny Nguyen

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Meriwether Lewis + Wilderness Road

Meriwether Lewis Facts about him. 1.)His father was Colonel John Lewis and fought in the Revolutionary War
2.)Parson Maury (son of Thomas Jefferson) tutored Lewis for 2 years
3.)His father died when Lewis was 5 years old.After the death of his father, his mom married Captain John Marks
4.)He was born in 1774 and died in 1809
5.)Born in Virginia
6.)He was friends with Thomas Jefferson before Thomas Jefferson became President.
7.)When he came back, Lewis was given 1,500 acres of land while Clark was given 1,000 acres of land.
8.) Died from 6 gunshots.
Wilderness Road Facts about it 1.)It was blazed by Boone...
Daniel Boone
2.)It's a notch in the Appalachian
Mountains near the intersection of
Kentucky,Virginia, and Tennessee
3.)Since Boone found the path and
told people about it and Kentucky,
Kentucky was admitted to the union
as the 15th state 1792.
4.)It was a pathway to the Western
United States and helped over 300,000
get to the west in 35 years.
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