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Week Two: MBS583 Culture/Counterculture

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Gene Maynard

on 11 July 2018

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Transcript of Week Two: MBS583 Culture/Counterculture

4 Directives in the Great Commission
Two Key Questions
Culture Intro
Why the Church Must Study Culture
Culture/Counterculture: Cultural Intelligence
See You Monday!
Class #2 June 18, 2018
We are Sent
"As the Father has sent me, I am sending you." John 20:19-21
We Are Sent to All Kinds
of People
"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations." Matthew 28:18-20
"panta ta ethne"
We Are Sent to All Kinds of People with a Message
"You are witnesses of these things." Luke 24:46-48
We Are Sent to All Kinds of People with a Message Empowered by the Spirit
"You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses..." Acts 1:6-8
What Is Culture
A PATTERN of thinking, feeling and reacting to various situations
It's the way in which a group of people THINK ABOUT the world
Culture is LEARNED not inherited
It is THE WAY a group of people solve problems and reconcile dilemmas
Symbols of Culture
Because of the Incarnation
Because Cultural Awareness
Has Always Been the Hallmark
of Good Mission Practice
Because Christendom
is in Rapid Decline
Because the West is
in Rapid Cultural Shift
Because many church practices were built to reach a society that no longer exists
Because Boomers Are the Last Generation that Is Happy with the Church
Because of the Increasing Appeal
of Spirituality from Other Religions
Because Many Christians No Longer Follow the Religion of Their Parents
One Right Question
What will it take to transform this community by the power of the Gospel?
the "3 Words" Exercise
My Neighborhood
My Family
My Church
Are You an Average American?
5 Immediate CQ Challenges for Churches and Church Leaders
"Pastors are trained to be teachers and pastors of their 'flock' rather than cross-cultural missionaries." Eddie Gibbs
There is a "right" way to express the gospel
We live in a cultural context that has multiple layers of culture operating simultaneously
The Youth Pastor's Dilemma
1. YP serves youth of
economic, educational and ethnic
2. YP serves youth experiencing
generational divide
between youth/parents and youth and senior adults in church
3. YP is serving youth who
themselves as jocks, goths, gamers, techies, geeks, etc.
4. YP is serving youth who
themselves more and more by sexual preference, social class and musical genre
5. YP has to learn

culture of the church
6. YP is attempting to connect
church culture
to the all-pervasive
popular culture
internet-linked world
of youth
7. YP has
his/her own cultural background and point of view
Rapid Rate of Culture Shift
Suspicion in Church
that CQ = PC
and Minority Cultures
If I wish, I can be in company of my ethnic race most of the time...
If I want to move, I can be reasonably sure I can rent or purchase a place at an affordable price in an area I want to live...
I can be reasonably sure my new neighbors will accept me...
I can be confident my children will receive materials at school that reflect my heritage and race...
If a traffic cop pulls me over, I can be sure it is not because of color of my skin...
If I do well, I won't be called a "credit to my race"...
My financial reliability won't be questioned based on skin color...
...when I am in my culture
3 "Q" Measurements
IQ measures intellectual capacity.
the "flattened" world

(David Livermore)
EQ measure how aware we are of our emotions and how we handle them
CQ measures ability to move seamlessly in and out of various cultural contexts
Hebrews 1
The "Q" Difference
Knowlege CQ = the language, values, assumptions and practices of another culture AND an honest awareness of my own cultural background
Interpretive CQ measures our awareness and understanding of what we are experiencing
Perseverance CQ measures the level of interest, drive and motivation to adapt cross-culturally
Behavioral CQ refers to our ability to adapt to whatever context we are in
Some Types of Culture
Human culture
Specific people group culture
Family of origin culture
Personal Culture
Organizational culture
To what degree do you feel that you mirror the values of your national culture?
o what degree do I feel I mirror the values of my neighborhood, my family and my church
(Personal Point of View)
What's "love" got to do with it?
Do I love people who are in need of transformation by the gospel?
We know for-profit companies might develop cultural intelligence for the sake of expanding financial profits. Would a church develop cultural intelligence for the sake
of expanding the gospel?
"The world is round."
Christopher Columbus, 1492
"The world is flat."
David Livermore, 2009
Do I love my way of expressing the gospel?
One Important Question
Dr. Gene Maynard
God is a cross-cultural missionary God.
Missionary God deploys pastors, teachers, administrators, evangelists, etc., as cross-cultural missionaries.
To miss that I am a cross-cultural missionary is to miss the genuine call of missionary God on my life
These people are stupid.
They don't understand English.
I have to use a translator.
These people are stupid.
They don't understand the gospel.
Incarnation is what God does
Read Livermore
Turn in CONTEXTUAL SUMMARY next Monday
Gene's Jeans
Do churches develop CQ?
Words of a short-term missionary
Thoughts of a pastor unaware of culture
View this TED talk to see again the value of cultural intelligence for organizations of any kind.
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