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Berlin Wall for over a quarter of a century


Corey Bayo

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Berlin Wall for over a quarter of a century

BERLIN WALL Built 1961-Razed 1989 The Berlin wall was 102 miles long and 12 feet high It took about three months for the basic fencing and almost 10 years for the concrete wall and barbed wire fencing The berlin wall was built to prevent East berlin to cross the border to west berlin It cost 16.5 million to build.Today that is equivalent to about 145 million. They wanted to keep east berlin out of west berlin because they were a communist party
Communist is a social structure where in which classes are ambolished and property is controlled. West Berlin was not a communist party. Therefore
they got help by the U.S through the Marshall
plan. The Marshall Plan was brought up by the
Secretary of State George Marshall. The plan
was to help reform European countries. Quick Fact.
Erich Honecker did get convicted for these 192 deaths but was equitted due to health problems.
He later died on May 29, 1994 Why the Berlin Wall???
2.7 million GDR residents successfully reached west berlin.
East Berlin lost to many skilled workers that kept their government together GDR-German Democratic Republic
established in 1949 through the Soviet Zone
The Soviet Zone was the area occupied by the Soviet Union Outcome of the Berlin Wall
Many families split
people that had jobs in West Berlin, put it this way didnt show up the next day
West Berlin became an isolated area
Imagine being trapped for 28 years on either side of the wall.
imagine your brother or grandmother on the otherside, who you cant have any contact with.
my personal worse fear would have to be not knowing when all this would resolve It was almost impossible to escape to west berlin after this
5000 people attempted and all believed to fail including 192 deaths. Early sunday morning on August 13, 1961 Erich Honecker blocked
off East Berlin and the GDR from west berlin.
This was a bizarre spur of the moment decision that no one was expecting there were subways planned to and from west and east berlin.
Imagine someone who decided to sleep in this day, walked outside and saw complete chaos and destruction happening.
I Cant even begin to imagine how this effected peoples lives can you? Cold War lasted for 55 years. It was called
a cold war because their wasnt actually any
attacking or battling just politcal threats.
The fall of the Berlin Wall pretty much put an end to the Cold War. West Berlin demonstrated against the wall, they mainly
blamed the U.S for not responding
President Kennedy didnt respond because he considered it a fact of "international life"and would not change it.
people slowly started escaping as early as august 1989 because the German Officals allowed it as long as they had a transited East Germany card but they were only alowed to travel to Hungary
October 19, 1989 Erich Honecker resigned
ever since that date there were many riots
the riots rose and rose to over a million people and the communist party soon collapsed

until about January of 1990 people needed visa cards to travel to either side, that sometimes toke weeks.
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