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The Hunger Games

A presentation explaining how cultural relativism was shown in the Hunger Games

Ankita Guha Patra

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games
Detail 1: Choosing
Detail 2: Death

Detail 3: Parade
Cultural Relativism
What is Cultural Relativism?

Moral Dilemma
The capital and the districts are one culture.
The hunger games are a tradition of this culture.
The games are not peaceful but murderous.
The game are accepted by the capital therefore they must be accepted by the 12 districts.

If normal is something that is accepted by the culture and abnormal something that is not accepted by the culture and all cultures have different potions towards actions and there are no universal standards, then the hunger games, which are accepted by the capital and the districts are moral in the particular culture.
According to Ruth Benedict:
Different cultures have different moral codes
Morality depends on culture
There is no true value
No universal moral value
Normal; accepted behavior and not normal; unaccepted behavior

By: Gabriela and Ankita

In the Hunger Games, the society sends out two people of each district as a tribute for the annual "Hunger Games." There is 12 districts and 24 contestants. In the "Hunger Games" each participant is supposed to fight for their life because only 1 tribute comes out as a winner and 23 die. This annual ritual is normal for the society and it is considered as a show for every citizen to watch.
The movie is strongly portrays cultural relativism because this society has a unique way of paying tribute. This society considers correct for 23 people to die in such a game. In other societies such routines would be seen as incorrect and banned. The Hunger games was to be respected and watched by all citizens in all districts. Tis movie exemplifies cultural relativism because what is seen moral and correct in this culture and society, may be considered inadequate for other societies.
District 12

While the district 12 male and female competitors were being chosen, the reaction of the people were:

The Society
As the district 12 male, and female reached from the bullet train to the wealthy community everyone was:

No pitty/sadness
This difference in reaction suggests the difference in their culture. The society belives that it is to be taken as a celebration while the districs see this as a sorrowful event. The societies difference in what they consider good/normal is different from the district 12's consideration.
David and Marcel
Dimitris and Katey
To their culture the Hunger Games are moral, because that is what their accepted behavior is. They find celebrating this battle to the death as something everyone should do, and that you should be honored if you are chosen as a tribute.
This is a normal event to them because over the years the people have just accepted it. And because it has become an accepted behavior, the government deems it to be something moral. The government believes that you should be more than willing to be a part of it, and that you should be proud to represent your district in the Hunger Games.
To show how much of an honor this should be, they make the 24 tributes participate in a parade, showcasing them to all the districts and the Capital.
By: Ankita, Gabriella, Dimitris, Katey, David, Marcel, Antonis, and Juan

Cultural Relativism
Detail 4: Respect
Antonis and Juan

A form of cultural relativism from the the movie The Hunger Games, would be the signs of respect and loyalty the higher number districts, like districts 11 and 12, have for each other. The symbol for this would be the 3 finger hand sign which they perform every time they want to show their respect. While the lower number districts, like 1 and 2, do not have this same symbol of respect, as they have different lifestyles and cultures.
An example of this action occurring would be right after Rue was killed, Katniss signaled the 3 fingers towards the people living in district 11, to show respect towards Rue and their district, and since they have the same cultural customs they signaled it in return, to show understanding and respect.
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