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Sounds and Letters with Mammals

A prezi ABC of mammals, including the first letter and the name for phonics practice and background building. Kindergarten - 1st grade.

SA Miller

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Sounds and Letters with Mammals

Sounds and Letters Mammals Addax A Bison B Camel C Dolphin D Elk E Fisher F Gazelle G Hippo H Impala I Jackal J Koala K Lemur L Mole M Narwhal N Otter O Panda P Quagga Q Raccoon R Seal S Tapir T Uakari U Vole V Weasel W Lynx X Yak Y Zebra Z Special thanks to the following photographers, artists and contributors …
Zachi Evenor, Addax; Garrondo, Camel; Allen McCloud, Dolphin; washuugenius, Fisher; Micha L. Rieser, Gazelle; Jennifer Jordan, Hippo; Tram2, Impala; Hans Hillewaert, Jackal; Quartl, Koala; Chris Gin, Lemur; Michael David Hill, Mole; www.uniqee.com, Narwhal; Mike Baird, Otter; Jacques-Laurent Agasse, Quagga; Bastique, Raccoon; Jim Winstead Jr., Tapir; Keven Law, Weasel; Keith Williams, Weasel; Paul Maritz, Zebra.
All other images were noted as Public Domain at the time of retrieval.
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