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Area 51

Daniell Minyard Ms. Duering/ Ms. Billings English 11/ Period 2 11 November 2012

Daniell Minyard

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Area 51

Nick Cook- Aviation Expert
James Goodall- Aviation author
Stan Gordon- UFO researcher
Daniel Martinez- Historian Secrecy is the rule... If you get too close to the the area, there's an unnoticeable line that if you pass, security may think you're getting too close.
Their security can swing into operation at any time they think your too close. (There are signs that will let you know.)
Authority may take you down and use lethal weapons if they have too.
Helicopters that fly around the area can flush you. Animal Mutilations Farmers claim to have witnessed sheep being "lasered" by unidentified lasers from the sky.
They linked unexplained incidents... Incidents such as eyes and brains being removed, other internal organs missing, flesh being stripped away, and mysterious beaming lights hovering.
Another farmer, Phil Hoyle, witnessed a UFO while working a night shift at a Welsh hill farm near Radnor Forest. How Area 51 came to be
Historical Background
Personal Information How Area 51 came to be... *Area 51 has been a constant source of unidentified theories since 1940. It became one of the most popular place names in pop culture, having influences on books, movies, as well as television shows.
This secret base is where the government tested aircraft's of the future as well as those from "Another world."
It is otherwise known as Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, and Grooms Lake.
There have been discoveries of mysterious crash sights.
To uncover the truth about Area 51, Unsolved History assembled a group to make the discovery. Area 51 Daniell Minyard
Ms. Duering/ Ms. Billings
English 11/ Period 2
26 November 2012 What will be shown in this presentation... The group included: * These researchers were put in this group in order to separate fact from opinion. Historical Background * According to Glenn Campbell, a leading researcher of Area 51, Bob Lazar provided the most information as well as the greatest resources in which supported alien space crafts at Area 51. Evidence Video... He worked as a repair technician for air crafts.
Bob Lazar claimed to have complete exposure to Area 51.
He worked at Area 51 for reverse engineering on systems dealing with alien space crafts.
Hired by the Navy.
Has continued to work with Area 51 as a Senior Researcher. Testings of future warfare developed in Area 51... They caught a glimpse of future warfare with equipped missiles and web cams to avoid putting themselves in harms way.

For over 4 years, it collected vital photographic information about military capabilities.

It's location was far away in a God for saken country, within a few weeks it became a top secret testing facility. UFO Sightings... Floating lights occurred in Arizona on March 13, 1997; moving North to South completely silent with a total of 6 blinking red lights. (Reported by a few locals.)

Four police officers in St. Clair County reported seeing an early- morning UFO. Scott air force base reported back that this craft could not have been an Aircraft because the field was closed as well as the patrol center. No other aircraft suited description of the hovering lights seen by the police officers nor the locals. They claimed it looked like a Metal/ Copper Acorn sitting on top of an invisible tower.

Governments tried to cover the story up and said that nothing was found but over seven people shared the similar sighting of the metallic Acorn shaped object. 41 Action News found over 10,000 carp dead in Blue Springs Lake.
Ranchers find their animals such as cows laying dead on their property with sex organs removed and blood drained out of them with clean cut wounds, no animal bite marks, and no struggle of the animals.
People are seeing animals being dropped down from great heights such as cattle being found dead on grid poles.
The mutilation phenomena spread beyond the USA, into Canada, Mexico, and above Argentina. Animal Mutilations
continued... Personal Information... My Biological Father worked in the base of Area 51.
My aunt worked in the area for testing nuclear and atomic bombs as well as covering them up with dirt because the government required it.
A picture of an alien was shown to my aunt taken by my father in Death Valley, Nevada near the Mercury test sight.
My Uncle Nic worked in the Mercury Test sight as an engineer.
My mother worked as a security guard and checked badges for the Area. Bodies Found 16 total alien bodies were recovered in August 14, 1952 in Ely Nevada
Body of a dead alien was found in frozen wastes of Siberia after claims of UFO hurtling to Earth.
September 9, 2011 alien bodies were found in Himalayas.
Alien body found in Russia after a UFO crash Thesis Statement It is a fact that Area 51 exists because the historical background and the evidence proves the greatest resources supporting the fact aliens remain alive. Area 51; one of the biggest unsolved mysteries for many years until now. The government along with other nations continue to deny its existence. Could it possibly be that, or are they trying to conceal the truth? Aliens are the reasons for the UFO sightings, animal mutilations, the mysterious crash sights, and the bodies being found of a extra terrestrial creatures. The proof establishes that Area 51 is even still active today and is a matter of fact continuing to expand, hence Aliens are real.
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