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Brand Strategy Conference

No description

Kristen Fischer

on 2 April 2016

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Transcript of Brand Strategy Conference

You’re in all the “right” places …
Reach New Audiences
Encourage Viewing Frequency
It's YOUR job to represent your brand in the digital space.
Oftentimes, that means RE-CREATING your brand identity online.
Reach Younger Audience
on social media
It's my job to create an online identity and also INTEGRATE digital with television.
Accordingly to a
recent Nielsen study:
87 percent of consumers engage with a second screen while watching TV.

"Can we make it snow?"

"Can we create a map that lights up?"
Don’t tell them what you CAN’T do, tell them what you CAN do.
"Can our content be featured on other websites?"
Don’t commit to anything you don’t control.
Social Media "Experts"
"We can make your content better.”
"We can leak video.”
"We can beat the Facebook algorithm.”
Experts should ...
Know Your Brand
Assign an Experienced Team
Implement the
7 Day Rule
for new

You've reached the mountain top.

There is NO secret Sauce
Keep Accurate Reporting
Know Your Audience
Be Mindful of Sensitivies
Use Consistent Style
Lead with a Question or Bold Statement
Identify Strengths & Highlight Them
Share Personal … But Don’t Over-Share!
Request Opinions & Feedback
Respond, Retweet, Repost!
Maximize Your Resources
Ask: What’s My ROI?
Use Hashtags
Be Creative
Share Same Story in Different Ways
Keep it Short
Be Funny
Use Pictures
Gross Perform Well
If Your Screw Up, Move On
Ignore Haters
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