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advertising project- ethos,pathos,logos

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Matthew Walker

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of advertising project- ethos,pathos,logos

Advertisments that Show Ethos, Pathos, Logos Although the speaker is unknown, the audience, which is a family sitting at home or someone watching a dog show, is wanting people to get a dog from a shelter. The claim is that every dog deserves a home, as in the first few seconds of the T.V. commercial pathos is shown, as it shows a sad dog sitting in the shelter, and how excited the dog gets when a person is standing in front of the wire fence of his cage. The commercial then uses ethos, as the speaker says,” Help us, help them.” The speaker means that if you by the products from Pedigree you can help save the dogs from the shelter. The speaker, which is a billboard or an ad in a magazine, is meant to ask the audience of cars along a highway, or the readers of a popular magazine in Australia trying to get people to donate blood in Australia. The Claim, which is money isn’t everything, uses logos, saying “You can save three lives without spending a cent.” While some organizations like in Africa require you to donate money, the Red Cross just needs you to donate blood to save three lives. Also in the box where money would be dropped in, blood sits in a pool like its spare change, showing ethos and trying to get people to donate. The Air Jordan brand from Nike is the speaker and the audience is for people who are interested in buying good basketball shoes. The purpose is to persuade people to buy Air Jordan’s as the brand of shoe to wear. The Air Jordan shoes are the shoes to buy because they are named after one of the best basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan as the quote in the advertisement shows how Michael Jordan has earned the title of best basketball player as this logos shows the reputation Michael Jordan has earned to promote his own brand of shoes. The great athletic skill of Michael Jordan that is shown in this quote is able to persuade other buy his brand of shoes to be like him. The achievements that Michael Jordan has earned help make this advertisement more credible in helping promote these shoes. The description of Jordan’s basketball skills helps make this advertisement more persuading. Speaker: Tim James is the speaker of this campaign advertisement, as he is trying to get the citizens of Arizona to try and vote for him in the elections. The claim is that Alabama will save money if they only print drivers test in English not in any other language. Tim James uses logos to show how the current drivers test is printed in 12 different languages, and since were in America where you have to speak English; it would save money by only printing the driver’s test in one language. He uses ethos by showing his credibility as a businessman. As a businessman he knows how to save money and correctly budget necessities. In this campaign ad he is trying to tell that Alabama could save money by only printing drivers test, or any other public exams, in English. The speakers in this commercial are the various guys proposing to their loved one, asking the ladies to marry them. In the “Kay Jewelers” commercial, the audience would be all the guys and husbands trying to find a gift for their girlfriend or wife. In this commercial, the pathos is all the different guys proposing to their girlfriend. This is an appeal to the audience’s emotions because of their quote “Every Kiss begins with Kay” relies on emotion. They try to persuade the guys that their products, such as the Leo Diamond will bring them love, and it appeals to their hopes and desires. In this commercial, Logos is used as it appeals to the audience by the use of logic, and offers clear rational ideas with facts. In the commercial, the speaker gives clear examples and facts as he says, “The fire sparkling brilliance so intense that it is the first diamond ever certified to be visibly brighter”. The claim of this commercial is to buy the Leo Diamond from Kay Jewelers, as it will bring love. By Alvin Jose, Zee Ramani, and Matthew Walker
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