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Milton Hershey

No description

Chenin Latour

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Milton Hershey

Milton was born on September 13, 1857 in an old stone farm house built by his great-grandfather. Life Of Milton Hershey Betty Burford Chocolate By Hershey Chenin Soffer He grew up in Pennsylvania, forty miles from Gettysburg. He had a little sister named Serena. His parents names were Henry and Fanny. Milton got Married to a woman named Catherine Sweeney, known at Kitty. Unfortunately, They couldn't have children. Milton Died on October 13, 1945. He was 88 years old. Milton worked hard and had to get loans from the bank many times in his life. He sold caramels before chocolate. Kitty's health had failed and she died. That left Milton heartbroken. He made a town that is now called Hershey. Important People Milton's Aunt Mattie was important because she gave him the money that he needed to start his business. His worker William Lebkicher was important because he let Milton stay with him and he helped him find a place to continue working. Joe Royer was important because he taught Milton how to make candy. Mr. Brenneman was important because that's who gave Milton a loan to help him keep his business. Accomplishments Milton S. Hershey Invented Hershey's Chocolate and built a town, now called Hershey. 1894- The Hershey factory sold 1 million dollars worth of products. Important Events and Dates 1898- Milton got married to Catherine Sweeney also known as Kitty. 1900- Milton introduced milk chocolate Hershey's bar. 1880- He hired a man named William Lebkicher to work for him. Milton Hershey,
determined, successful,
persuasive, built, gave,
He was a great, caring person,
Inventor. Historical Cinquain Other Interesting Facts When Milton was 5, the Civil War was going on. Milton was from a middle class family. He was first an apprentice of a man named Sam Ernst. Milton called his caramel company Crystal A. BY
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