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TigerTools Presentation

Raheel Ahmed Farooqui

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of TigerTools

Tiger Tools
A division of Drillmore industries
It was about to launch a new product
Michelle York, Production Manager
Jim Peterson, Assistant
Capability of the oven had to be determined to launch the new product
Challenges For Michelle
Initial Results disappointed her.
She was expecting to regain her lost luster.
Capital freeze on $10k . Oven cost >>> $10k, so investment on new oven was impossible.
Product had to be launched.
Not Convinced, Michelle contacted her former professor.
Suggestion was to take smaller sample size and more samples
Tiger Tools
Apijay Kumar
Raheel Ahmed Farooqui
Rana Zohby
Shweta Dabholkar

First Data Set Results
1st set of data 18 samples with 20 observations each
Analysis Results:
Standard Deviation

Process Capability
The process capability is 1.03. Because this is less than 1.33, the process is not capable.
Second Data Set Results
2nd set of data 27 samples with 5 observations each
Analysis Results:
Standard Deviation

Process Capability
The process capability is 1.35. Because this is more than 1.33, the process is capable.
Conclusion & Learning
Small samples may not be sufficient to represent the population as a whole
Larger samples are more accurate representation of the general findings of behavior/process of the entire population
Better idea about the application of the concepts such as quality inspection, trade and recall in process
Application of the statistical concepts and the importance of of computing process capability index
Plotting the Graph
Suggestions ?
Weed off unacceptable items
Improve the process
Reduce variability
Implement a Capable Process
Do you think any of the options is feasible ?
Do you think it is a good idea to just take small samples every time?
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