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751881 751881

on 30 May 2017

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Transcript of History

most of England is Christian. The next religion is Islam. There are many Christian and Catholic churches in England. Christmas is heavily celebrated in England too.
Art, Music, and Drama
There has been many famous artist in England . First, William Shakespeare he wrote plays and poems. Another artist is William Blake. He was a poet a artist and a print maker. A famous Composer from England is Henry Purcell. He made wonderful songs and used French and Italian styles of music.
British behaviors are different from other countries. First, the work day is 9 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. These are the longest hours of any country in Europe. The English are said to have better manners, dress, and speech. This is probably because of the fine manor of the 16th century queen and King.
Great Britain
By Gage Kramer and Owen Kocher
In 1707 the country of Great Britain was formed in Europe. This country was populated by other European people. In the year 1707 the act of the union occurred and the land became a country. Then 100 years later the slave act trade came about. This was where slaves were kidnapped, sold, or traded for and sent to British soil to work for no pay or reward. This lead to the Battle of Waterloo which developed in 1815 between the British and the French. This battle happened in a land that is now recent day Belgium. The French were defeated by the British changing the face of the French empire forever. In 1914 the first world war started and after four years of brutal warfare following a allied forces went out victorious. Then in the year 1939 the second world war kicked off and yet again after five years of misery the British emerged victorious for the second time over Germany.
The food that is eaten most in England is fish and chips. That is fried fish and french fries. Next, is pizza. That is a surprise. Also, chinese stir fry.
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