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mood and tone of the watsons go to birmingham

No description

darbie blake

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of mood and tone of the watsons go to birmingham

The Watsons Go To Birmingham -shelbie
movie clip
kenny's mood was nervous, his tone was anxious
mood and tone, (kenny) )
mood and tone (quotes)
"Man, Momma is
about that conk. But we're still
why she's so
. This quote might give us a clue. The family traits that she and Dad have passed on to the kids seem very important to her. Perhaps she's
by the fact that Byron
his own Watson family hair enough to ruin it with chemicals. Perhaps this conk of Byron's feels sort of like a rejection to the family—or to their racial background.
Can you sympathize with how Momma feels, or do you think she's overreacting?" pg.88
nervous, scared, helpless
mood and tone
"shoot you think im
of them squares?" pg.91
Byron had just turned thirteen so he was officially a teenage juvenile delinquent and didn't think it was "cool" to touch anybody or let anyone touch him pg.2
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