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Alpha Xi Delta

No description

Tess Strasser

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Alpha Xi Delta

Alpha Xi Delta
Originally founded in 1893 at Lombard College, the Ferris State chapter of Alpha Xi Delta was established in 1964. With 41 current active sisters, Alpha Xi Delta encourages women to realize their potential through community service, sisterhood, academic excellence, and leadership opportunities. Being a sister in Alpha Xi Delta means having life-long friends that continually inspire each other not for four years but for life.

Campus & Community Impact
The Delta Sigma chapter of Alpha Xi Delta has strived to make a positive impact on and off campus. With annual and new events every year, our chapter brings fundraisers and community service events to Ferris State University. Our national philanthropy is Autism Speaks. This year our week long event “Xi Man” brought a week of fun activities to campus to raise money and awareness towards the foundation. Activities included Betxi bags tournament, can drive, Pie a Xi, a fun obstacle course, and electing a Xi Man. We exceeded our goal set by nationals of $1,000 by raising $1,200 for Autism speaks.
Alpha Xi Delta has made a lasting impact at Ferris by promoting Autism Speaks and hosting events every year. Sisters also help promote other registered student organizations besides our own. With many sisters in multiple registered student organizations we support all other organizations on campus, Greek and non-Greek. This past year we have participated in various events like Sigma Phi Epsilon’s “K.I.S.S. Week” and Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s “Paddy Murphy Week”. Members also participated in non-Greek events. Some examples being the Martin Luther King Junior March and a haunted corn maze

Campus and Community Involvement
Program Participation:
Homecoming week (Lip sync, parade, Comedian)
WILL conference
Greek Week(Lip Sync, Speaker, Games)
Bulldog bonanza
Intermural volleyball and flag football
Walk Now for Autism speaks
The Big Event
Haunted corn maze
Martin Luther King Jr march
5 star speakers

Autism Speaks
Autism affects 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys
Autism costs a family $60,000 a year on average
There is no medical detection or cure for Autism

Membership Development
The goal of Alpha Xi Delta is to help women realize their potential. One way we promote this is with different leadership positions in the sorority. In addition to E-Board positions we have many others including academic achievement chair, philanthropy chair, and historian. These different positions are in charge of hosting sisterhoods, planning events, and organizing fundraisers.

Fun Facts!
Our mascot is Betxi Bear
Our flower is the pink rose
Our colors are double blue (light and dark) and gold
Sponsored Events
Alumni Brunch
Parents day
Betxi bags tournament
Pie a Xi
Xi Man
Realize your potential sisterhoods
Pink Rose
Light it up blue campaign
Can drive
Tables in UC and IRC
Co-sponsored Events
Fall formal recruitment
Spring formal recruitment
Intermural sports
Greek week
Blood drive

Sisters working the haunted corn maze
Martin Luther King Jr March
Valentines Day Sisterhood
Alpha Xi Delta tables
Blood drive with SigEps!
Intermural Flag Football
Alpha Xi Delta has partnered with Autism Speaks. The Ferris chapter dedicates hours to raise money and awareness for Autism Speaks. April is Autism Awareness month, and the month our big philanthropy event is held. In the past we hosted Football FrenXi. For the first time this year we held a week long event called Xi Man. During this week we held a can drive, pie a Xi, and an obstacle course. We also hold tables year round to promote awareness for the cause. Even though our chapter is dedicated to our national philanthropy, this does not stop us from doing other community service events (like the Big Event) and attending other RSO fund raising events.
Sisters at Walk Now for Autism Speaks
Membership Showcase
Rebecca Marchetti is a social work major at Ferris State. In the past she has held Philanthropy Chair, Social Chair, and APR Chair. Currently, she is on Executive board for Alpha Xi Delta as recording secretary. Outside of Alpha Xi Delta she is a member of the Social Work Association.
"I joined Alpha Xi Delta because I felt at home the minute I walked into the room on the first day of recruitment. I could tell what a strong sisterhood they all had and I knew that was were I was meant to be. I could tell how much alike I was with all of the girls I talked to during recruitment and I knew how genuine they all were. Being apart of Alpha Xi Delta always gives me the feeling of being at home even when I am 200 miles away from my hometown."
Ellie Lauer is majoring in criminal justive with a minor in gender and womens studies. She was social chair and panhellenic delegate before becoming Chapter Life Vice President.
"I joined Alpha Xi Delta in Fall of 2014 as a Sophomore in college. The reasons I am in a sorority now are completely different now than what they were when I first joined. The idea of being in a sorority was more of a social idea to me, but now it is a huge part of my life. I knew I wanted to be apart of an organization and gain friendships, but what I have gotten out of Alpha Xi Delta is so much more than I ever thought. I have grown personally in my leadership skills and with the help of my sisters they remind me everyday the importance of humility and of a strong support system."
Amoreena Most is a sophomore in the pre-pharmacy program. Before becoming Alpha Xi Delta's Academic Achievement chair she was assistant panhellenic delegate and ritual chair. She is a member of the Pre-Pharmacy club, equestrian team, a honors peer mentor, active minds, and panhellenic council. She holds the executive board position of recording secretary in active minds and director of academics for panhellenic council. She joined Alpha Xi Delta because she wanted to have a support system through college, have the opportunity to volunteer and make an impact on the community, and develop her leadership skills.
Sarah Pirrami is a sophomore in the pre-dental program. In the past she has held five-star chair before becoming new member orientation chair. She is actively involved in the pre-dental club, is a member of the internal assessment division in student government, and a part of panhellenic council as student government chair.
"I joined Alpha XI Delta unexpectidily but decided to join due to how effortless it was to feel like a sister. I have seen myself grow in so many different aspects and they have all mostly stemmed from Alpha Xi Delta."
Lip Sync
WILL conference
thanks you for your time
Five Star Events
Betxi Bags Tournament
Cookies in the Quad
Xi Man Pageant
Bryanna Williams-COB
Faye Bontekoe
Sidney Amsdill
Torrey Gload -Historian &
Fraternity Heritage Chair

Jessa Passerman*-Panhellenic Delegate
Amanda Sturos-Song Leader & Sisterhood Chair
Amoreena Most-Acadeic Achievement & Assistant Panhellenic
Elizabeth Boshoven*-Membership Vice President
Ellie Lauer*-Chapter life Vice President
Jordan Coney-Community Service & Assistant Ritual
Katelyn Williams-Recruitment Secretary
Kelsey George
Lauren McDowell-Corresponding Secretary
Mackenzie Carter-Assistant New Member Orientation
Maribeth Frick* -Programs Vice President
Rachel Weaver-Chaplin & Alumni Relations
Rebecca Marchetti* -Recording Secretary
Sarah Pirrami-New Member Orientation Chair
Tess Strasser-Ritual & Five Star Chair
Hanna Meads -Financial Assistant

Ashton Jones
Brooke Goossen
Emma Parker-Social Chair
Jamie Baranek-MAXX Chair
Jessica Golota-Philanthropy & T-shirt Chair
Kayti Welch- Activities Chair
Samantha Dillion-Scrapbook Chair
Sarah Deletto
Courtney Lauer* -Public Relations Vice President

Briana Mumby* - Chapter President
Danielle Roggenbuck*- Financial Vice President
Joselyn Dlouhy
Kacie Krogman
Kaila Parent
Kailtin Shamion
Kayla Dishon
Lyndsey Lampe-APR CHair
Mariah Anderson
Megan Ankerson-Wellness Chair
Raquel Smebly
Samantha Wingerter-Marshall & Publicity Chair

*=Executive board position
Briana Mumby is a Senior at FSU majoring in public relations. In the past she has held MAXX chair and new member orientation chair before becoming chapter president. She says her greatest accomplishment has been becoming the President of Alpha Xi Delta and maintaining above a 3.2 gpa. She joined Alpha Xi Delta because she was looking for something to be more apart of.
"Going Greek freshman year was one of the best decisions I could have made. I am so thankful for everything Alpha Xi Delta has done for me ever since Fall of 2014. This organization has provided me with countless memories, friendships, and opportunities." -Ammoreena Most
Honorable Recognitions
Alpha Xi Delta has been mentioned in numerous Torch and Pioneer articles. Some of them titled "Haunted Corn Maze Raises Money for Autism", "Light it up Blue", and "Ferris Hands Don't Haze".
Alpha Xi Delta was voted best sorority at Ferris State
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