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Modernists vs. Traditionalists in the 1920s

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Anna McNabb

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Modernists vs. Traditionalists in the 1920s

Post World War I
Scopes Trial
High school biology teacher John Scopes taught the theory of evolution in a Tennessee public school
At the time Tennessee had a state law that made it illegal to teach evolution in any state-funded school
The argument became less about the legal matters but more of an argument of social division against the generation gap
Made legal by the 18th amendment in 1919 and enforced in 1920
Prohibited the production and distribution of alcohol
Traditionalists suggested that alcohol was the cause of crime and violence in public and in homes
Modernists thought that prohibition was just another way the government could control their morality and they found many ways to obtain it
And with the 21st amendment, prohibition was repealed
Modernists vs. Traditionalists in the 1920s
Younger generations wanted to be different than their parents
Two groups formed
Modernists: Embraced new ideas and social patterns
Traditionalists: Believed that older cultural and religious values should be embraced
Traditionalists feared the teachings of the bible would be lost along with the " proper religious morals" if Scopes won
Modernists believed that the teachings of evolution showed the public another perspective about the world through science and not religion
Legally, the traditionalists won and Scopes was fined $100
Trial did not end the evolution argument as the arguments from the Scopes trial are still taught in biology classrooms,
Was a set back for anti-evolutionists
Cultural clashes and arguments of the 1920s were never fully resolved
Evolution and the results Scopes trial continue to be controversial in public schools especially in the south
Prohibition itself is not really the main subject now but there are arguments used from the prohibition era about the legalization of marijuana and other substances
1920s in today's society
By Anna McNabb
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