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Richard Datwyler

on 3 April 2017

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Transcript of Dosimetry

Dosimetry considers how much dosage of radiation is given.
There are two main concepts that lead up to it.
radiation being absorbed. (Joules/kilogram)
relative biological effectiveness (RBE)
Heavier particles are more effective on delivering radiation, so not as many are needed
Giving then a final dosage in units of Sievert
A 1.6mCi radioactive source is implanted in a tumor where it is to administer 32 Gy. The half life of the source is 14.3 days, and 1.0 mCi delivers about 10mGy/min. approximately how long should the source remain implanted.
1.6mCi delivers 16 mGy/min
If this is only 5% of a person who has a mass of 60kg, how much energy is being deposited?
How much energy is in one radioactive decay?
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