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Marketing The Four P's Through a T-Shirt Design

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on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Marketing The Four P's Through a T-Shirt Design

Marketing The Four P's
My T-Shirt
To promote my product I would sell it at social events such as breast cancer walks. The money that i raise from this T-Shirt would go to cancer research centers and help find cures not only for breast cancer, but for ALL types of cancer. Such as different forms of leukemia, lung cancer, etc.
The price I would charge for this T-Shirt would be only $10.00, the money that is raise and funded will not only go to cancer research centers, but go to Children who have been diagnose with any type cancer, and to help pay for their health care, etc
I would distribute this product where a lot of social gatherings and major fundraisers for diseases are held. This decision will provoke people to buy my product.
My product might just be a shirt, but just a shirt can make a change and get people involved with such a horrible disease. My product would be "Win The Fight", for multiple reasons such as nobody should lose a loved one due to ANY type of cancer, and its about time that we raise money to find the cure!
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