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The Voyage of Magellan

No description

Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 12 September 2017

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Transcript of The Voyage of Magellan

The Voyage of Magellan
The Age of Exploration
Learning Intention: To examine the voyage of Magellan
Describe the impact they had on the age of exploration
Ferdinand Magellan was born in Portugal.
He was a soldier in the king's service and went on many expeditions to the new Portuguese empire in Asia and Africa.
When he had a dispute with the Portuguese government, he looked to Spain for support.
He proposed to King Charles V that the Spice Islands were in the Spanish half of the world.
He promised he would find a new route by sailing south around the new continent of America.
He believed that there was a strait - El Paso - which would take him into the great South Sea, which the Spanish had seen from Panama.
Ferdinand Magellan
The voyage of Magellan
Name the navigational instruments and state their purpose
Bartolomew Dias
Christopher Columbus
Henry the Navigator
Vasco da Gama
King Charles approved and gave him five ships. He appointed Magellan captain of the expedition and made him governor of all the lands he would discover, and promised him 5% of the profits of the voyage.
In 1519, Magellan set sail from Seville with the five ships - the flagship, Trinity, as well as the San Antonio, the Conception, the Victoria and the Santiago.
He had a crew of 260 men, mostly Spanish.
There was tension between Magellan and three of the other captains, who were Spanish.
Antonio Pigafetta, a crew member who later wrote an account of the voyage said 'The captains of the other ships did not love him.'
Magellan headed for the Canary Islands for fresh supplies of water and food.
He then decided to sail along the coast of Africa before heading across the Atlantic Ocean.
The Voyage of Magellan
When he reached the coast of South America, he began his search for 'El Paso'.
He was forced to spend the winter in Port St Julian on the coast of present day Argentina.
He was faced with a mutiny, which he put down, and with the desertion of one ship which headed back to Spain.
Soon after beginning his voyage again, he found 'El Paso', which ran between the mainland of South America and an island Tierra del Fuego ('Land of Fire')
The Peaceful Ocean
After sailing through 'El Paso', now called the Straits of Magellan, Magellan headed in a north-west direction towards the Spice Islands.
But the voyage took three months in the calm and peaceful waters that Magellan named the Pacific Ocean.
The food ran out, the water went bad. The sailors ate whatever they could, including insect infested biscuits, sawdust and rats. Many died from scurvy.
Death of Magellan
Eventually Magellan reached the Philippine Islands, where he converted one of the chiefs to Christianity.
But Magellan was killed when he helped the chief in a war with another island.
The remaining crew headed for the Spice Islands with two ships, the Trinity and the Victoria.
Only the Victoria, now captained by Sebastian del Cano, was in good enough condition to sail for Spain.
Del Cano sailed round the southern tip of Africa in Portuguese controlled waters.
Food and water were scarce, and many of the sailors died of hunger and scurvy.
Finally on 7 September 1522, eighteen exhausted sailors and four Indians reached Spain with a ship full of Spices.
Magellan and his crew sailed West to reach the East.
They made the first complete voyage around the world.
This gave full proof that the earth was round.
Magellan's voyage extended the Spanish empire to include the Philippine Islands.
But the voyages also proved that the Spice Islands were in the Portuguese half of the world.
Kahoot - Top 3 take the Merits!
Columbus essay using the plan, in your hardback for Tuesday.
The Treaty of Tordesillas was agreed as a result of Columbus' voyage.
What was the Treaty of Tordesillas?
The discoveries of Columbus led to conflict with the Portuguese.
To prevent a war the Spanish and Portuguese monarchs signed the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494.
They drew a line on the globe from north to south.
Land discovered to the west of this line was Spanish and land to the east was Portuguese.

Group Task
Using the map briefly describe the voyage of Columbus.
Where do you think Magellan travels?
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