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LOTF: Chaper 3

Presentation on the novel Lord of the Flies, chapter three

Abu Jalloh

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of LOTF: Chaper 3

Lord of the Flies chapter three Quotes Symbols Plot Questions Devices Photos Characters Jack - Attempts to kill a pig but fails
Ralph - Aurgues with Jack, builds the shelter
Simon - Only one that helps Ralph build shelter,
finds his spot in this chapter
Hunters - Fail to catch the pig
Little ones - Begin to be called the name little ones Jack and his hunte failed attempts to catch a pig begin
to irratate Ralph. Jack and Ralph confront eachother about
the issue. Simon wonders around the jungle to find a peacful
area filled with a beutiful scene which he deems his spot.
The conflict between Ralph and Jack
begins to strenghten as the fight between
civilzation and savagery within the boys mine does as well. Do you believe that Jack's inability to catch a pig
shows he cannot lead the boys?

When Jack is assinged the hunter does this forshadow
future events that involve violence and Jack?

Who feels exiled from the tribe? When the boys deem the small
children the little one's is this the
first step in the boys losing their sense
of civilization? Is it ironic that Ralph and Simon are the only
ones bulding the shelter What are the younger children are begining to have Who goes swimming togheterh to help solve their dispute? What are the younger children begining to be called? "your cheif. You tell ' em off" "Meetings. Dont we love meetings? "We want meat" "I thought I might kill". "But you didnt". "I thought I might". "All I am saying is that we've worked dashed hard". "Thats all". Similies:
Jack was bent double. He was down like a sprinter
Jack stood there streaming with sweat.
"The best thing you can do is get ourselves rescused" Jack had to think for a moment what rescued was..."
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