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Maryland PM

No description


on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Maryland PM

Maryland PM
Economic Location
Historic Location
Maryland state house
Geographic Location
Hoye Crest
Political Location
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Choice Location
Interesting Facts
Maryland's Economy
Maryland's History
Maryland's Geography
Maryland's Government
Road Trip Distance
Built with no nails
Built in 1960?
oldest state capital building in continuous legislated use
U.S. Naval Academy
used to be a settlement called Providence
3,360 feet tall
1,024 meters tall
Hoye Crest is located on Blackbone Mountain.
people think it's haunted
Auburn State House
located in Towson, Baltimore County, Maryland
built in 1790
Built by Charles RiglyIII
the National Anthem was made in Maryland
Marylands basket ball team is called the terps
Maryland is known for their crabs
Maryland was one of the 13 Colonies
Maryland's football team the ravens won this past superbowl
people call Maryland the united states in miniture because it has planes,mountins,and cost
Maryland had the first railroad statoin in the u.s.a
Tom Clancy book aouther lived in Maryland
Maryland holds one of the largest under armer factorys
chesapeake bay
it belongs to three states -Delaware,Maryland, and Virginia-people call it [Delmarva].
on Severn River today
Annapolis, Maryland
Maryland gets its yummy crabs from this bay
usually referred to as the eastern shore
1. chesapeak bay and Maryland state house are 26 miles apart
2. Maryland state house and Hoye crest are 156 miles apart
3. Hoye Crest and annapolis are 156 miles apart
4. Annapolis and auburn state house are 39 miles apart
5. auburn state house and WCE are 1,690 miles apart
total road trip distance :2,067
phisical map
economic map
treasure map
political map
shows human created features such as bounderies, cities,highways,roads, and railroads
physical map
Maryland actor, John Wikes Booth, assassinates Abraham Lincoln
downtown Baltimore destroyed by the "Great Baltimore Fire"
Maryland abolishes slavery
John Hopkins School founded
Baltimore Ravens when the Super Bowl XXXV
Baltimore Ravens win Superbowl
a map that shows physical features
treasure map
a map that tracks down treasure
political map
shows what people believe
Maryland is the ninth smallest state
all kinds of birds live in Maryland
Maryland has a diverse landscape
chicken and corn are most important in Maryland farming
most Marylanders used to be involved in farming
many Marylanders are employed with service jobs
capital: Annapolis
Governor: Martin O'Malley {Democrat}
State Abbreviation:MD
U.S. Senators: 2
Barbara Mikulski &
Ben Carden
The End
Hope you liked it, by Molly, Emma, and Kylee!!!
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