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Going the Distance Post Graduation

No description

Tricia Timney

on 11 March 2018

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Transcript of Going the Distance Post Graduation

Going the Distance Post Graduation
Cover Letters, Résumés, and the Job Search
What does every good résumé start with?
Follow up phone call
Ask references prior to listing them
Phone Interview
In-person Interview
dress with confidence
Job Description
Usually Includes:
Minimum Qualifications
Preferred Qualifications
Examples of Work Performed
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
1. Name First- your name needs to be remembered
2. Education- GPA over 3.0
3. Work- all can be relevant
4. Volunteer Experience
5. Skills
6. References if you need to fill space
Cover Letter
1. State what job you are interested in
- where/how you heard of the job opening
- why you will be good
2. Roughly two specific elaborations
- something that is on the job description
- something on the resume
3. Ask for an interview
- give your contact info
This is what should make up your Résumé and cover letter!!
Easy to read
1-2 pages
Consistent and Consise
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