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Emerging Display Technologies: WoIT 2013

Cohort D

Alec Mather-Shapiro

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Emerging Display Technologies: WoIT 2013

Isn't it time you lived the high life?
Sleek stylish design
Emerging Display

Google Glass
Google Glass is a unique take on the emerging Heads Up Display (HUD) Technology.
Interactive Heads Up Displays
Presented by
Alec Mather-Shapiro, John Harding, Paulo Valeza, and Penny Foussekis

Google Glass offers a new way to share and experience our world
Used by many of the world's most popular artists to showcase their abilities, and the world from their eyes
It can also help keep track of your every
day life!
Google Glass is paving the way for new ways to live and experience our lives, as well as the way we communicate our lives to others
All-in-all Glass will be something you won't want to miss!
Designed to give convenient and safe driving and weather information at the touch of your fingertips.
A innovative new solution to distracted driving for a new world!
Let's take a look at what it's
like to be DJ Nicky Romero
Jet Fighter Technology!
Contains some of the most advanced technology in the world including those from military aircraft.
Lets see it in action shall we?
Image Projectors
Projectors that project an image beams of light to display an image towards a medium or surface.
Are usually used to project movie or picture onto a screen
for example:
as students we are already using this technology to make presentations. i.e the projectors used to make presentations

The Future of
T uch Screens
There are many kinds and uses
Planetary Projectors
Multi Projector Displays Using Pug and Play Projectors
A new world begins at a single touch.....
Did you know there is an artificial intelligence virtual screen technology?
It is Called
The Idea and design of the iCrux Technology is to function in unfamiliar, unplanned, and always changing atmosphere.
The artificial intelligence module built in the technology that will continuously monitor the changing atmosphere and that can respond and adjust intuitively.
3M introduced these ideas, and most of these ideas, clear touchscreen games, completely touch bracelets, and touch screen appliances were in production or being developed in the beginning of 2011.
Multi-touch technology is also going to start allowing new abilities in large format displays, above a certain size large touchscreens have to fall back on touch sensing technologies that can only allow for a couple touch points. 3M's new design allows for 60 point multi-touch likely in display sizes of 30 or 40 inches
Touchscreen interface for seamless data transfer between the real and virtual worlds....
A touchscreen technology that is capable of reading paper objects and projecting them into 3D and as well and gathering information on the object you touch from the internet.
The Future of Touch Screen Technology has amazing possibilities...
There is a "Pro" in
Not everyone could
keep up or wants to
People can use the technology in this video to make more
interactive and sharper presentations.
A little bit more research in that and in 3D projection we will be able to do
Holographic Projection
In context it is image projection without the need for a medium
Imagine ITs' learning and working with
these technologies.
Businesses would rather conform than upgrade
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