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Copy of New Media Art

New Media Art Contextual Studies Presentation

Sarah Eliza

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of New Media Art

New Media Art New Media Artist - Tivon Rice Another New Media artist, Tivon Rice, explores representation and communication through digital technologies. His influences include the speed of televisual media and his work features light, space, as well as live and recorded sound and video in order to create ‘dynamic, active viewing’.
While his practice is primarily concerned with emerging social relationships to digital technology, Rice draws heavily from art historical themes.   New Media Artist: Wang YuYang Artificial Moon is a New Media sculptural piece constructed from hundreds of various compact fluorescent lightbulbs. At over 13 ft. wide the piece is a recreation of Earth’s moon, using strategically placed lights to mimic craters and other surface features. It is particularly poignant because it was originally put on exhibit in Shanghai, a city that due to light pollution is unable witness the moon moving through the night sky. New Media Art History New Media Art was developed in the '60s, when artists began incorporating new media into their art with video technologies and multimedia performances.

The genre expanded in the '80s when artists used the development of computer graphics into their pieces.

The '90s saw artists delving more into Web-based art forms, and even some artists used virtual reality as a way of expanding their art pieces and new media art continues to respond to the development of technology. New Media Art Influences Modern cultural and social events often influence New Media Art and it is classified as a contemporary art movement. Other influences include technological, legal and political issues that come along with the emergence of new media. New Media Art mirrors the develops the progression and development of technology, so it could be considered that the movement is the future of art as artists continue to respond. New Media Art ‘New Media Art’ is the label for a broad range of artistic practices that are created or in some way are influenced by new media technologies and works often involve interaction between observers and artwork. New Media Art pieces are connected by their use of digital technology such as computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, Internet art, interactive art, video games and computer robotics. Diane Landry - Knight Of Infinite Resignation 2009 New Media Art - My Work I have taken inspiration from the New Media artists featured in this presentation in my own work, such as the recent Dystopia and Personal Identity projects. I often use typical New Media techniques such as light, video and photography and take advantage of technological ability in my own work. Other New Media contextual sources such as science, social events and technology also influence the production of my work.
New Media Artist: Diane Landry Many of New Media artist Diane Landry's works call attention to the threat on the earth’s clean water supply. In her sound and automation installation Knight of the Infinite Resignation, the 237 bottles used are filled with sand making the bottles dried-up and sterile, at the same time acting as hour glasses. There are allusions to the 12 hours in a day and 12 months in the year, as well as windmills and stars. New Media Artists Eduardo Kac is one of the most iconic and revolutionary New Media artists. Advances in biotechnology have allowed artists like Kac to explore DNA and genetics as a new art medium. In 1999 he created a series the “Genesis’ body of work, which explored the ‘intricate relationship between biology, belief systems, information technology, ethics and the Internet.’ New Media Artists Tivon Rice - 'Macrocosmic Zero' 2010 In Tivon Rice's installation 'Macrocosmic Zero' an automated, moving video camera captures visitors as they pass through a field of dynamic sculptural lighting elements. Live images are embedded and re-circulated through a feedback system, the outcome of which are pulses of real-time colour and light strobes.

The work combines the idea of technology’s decay and logic using combination of live video capture, a motion actuated camera, light elements, architecture, video monitors, projection, and real-time computer processing of video and audio feedback, as well as involving the audience in the production of 'live art'. New Media Art - My Work New Media Art also has an influence on the presentation of my work through a 'digital sketchbook' blog format to replace the traditional sketchbook. Technology is such a major part of modern life and I feel that the advances can only continue to enhance what artists can achieve.
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