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FMS Robotics Club

2012 Senior Solutions

Jubin T.

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of FMS Robotics Club

Our Purpose Our Product Do you often forget to consume your medication at the appointed time?
Do you despise using smart-phones and other electronics?
do you face memory loss due to your medical conditions?
Are you embarrassed of asking others for help?
Do you feel uncertain about your medical dosage? Senior Partner Mr. Raymond Mitchely His Difficulty Mr. Mitchely had a cardiac surgery conducted a few years ago. Since Mr. Mitchely is an active man, he often forgets to consume his medicine at the appointed times. Many others struggle with common problems. We believe the best professionals to update the status of these technologies is the pharmacists and doctors. Solution
Button Functions: Alarm, Date, Blue-tooth, and Refill Reminder Targeted Market As of now, this wrist watch will benefit all frequent medication users, seniors, and those suffering with memory loss. The FMS robotics team hopes to improve this idea to benefit all age groups. Evolution of Medication Reminders Additional Add-ons As of now, we only have one add-on. We hope to increase this list and creating additional accessories and tools in the coming months and years. Anticipated Future We can greatly expand on this technology. We are planning on using our knowledge and skills to create smaller and better medication reminders for all age groups. We understand and acknowledge the fact that we all become seniors one day. It is not a horrible fact, but one that needs to encourage kindness and innovation. Medication Reminder:
Wrist Watch My Pillbox: This add-on will help consumers keep track of their weekly pillboxes. It will detect and remind the consumer about any unconsumed medications. This add-on is blue-tooth enabled, so it will only alert you if you are less than 60 feet away from the pillbox. Retired Chemist and Sales-person
Volunteer and Mentor at
Fayette Middle School INSURANCE POLICY: The Georgia Department of Community Health will pay up to $58 dollars towards the watch.
PRICE: The manufacturing cost of the watch is $53.10, That's nothing out of your pocket.
WOW what a great price! While faced with this problem, our robotics club created a list of tasks our innovation had to perform:
Display Functions: Medication, Nickname, Dosage, and Time Display: LCD with LED back-light for night usage BLUE-TOOTH The prescriptions on your watch can be updated by your pharmacist or doctor through blue tooth connection. Your pharmacist can also enter refill information to remind you at the appointed time to pick up any refills or new prescriptions SKIT
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