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SCORE - Connect and Question

Exploring the C and how it makes an IMPACT

Cassandra Sheekey

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of SCORE - Connect and Question

Project 600 Reading Strategies SCORE Reading Strategies Connecting and Questioning to make sense of a text To continue understanding a text you need to access your prior knowledge of the world and understanding of genre to make a personal decision about the worth of the text. This is how you connect with and question the text. You further engage with the text by accessing your prior learning in the subject areas to predict a topic that will be confirmed by later close reading. Connect Questioning Good readers question their reading. So What is a Strategy? A strategy is a plan to help you achieve something. So reading strategy helps you to achieve understanding of the text. Another word for understanding is comprehension. It happens when readers make links between the text and their prior knowledge. SCORE Framework Connecting and Questioning Why do we connect and question? Connecting Connections need to be meaningful to enhance reader understanding. Increased and deeper comprehension.
Impact on reading motivation and engagement. ... plus teacher questioning! Done before, during AND after reading. Can be used as a great self monitoring tool. Question Students become more engaged.
Read for a purpose.
Read to clarify meaning. QAR Questions Wonder Wall Making Prediction Sheena Cameron, 2009 How do you connect? Read the provided text and use the table to record your connections Videos Connecting Questioning Questioning Activity Continue working with the text and respond to the following questions What makes a Hero text Read this text to complete the activities.
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