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mava zing

on 20 September 2012

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ENVIRONMENTAL DIPLOMACY: THE BP OIL SPILL IN THE GULF OF MEXICO. Objectives… Definition of Environmental Diplomacy
Overview of the event
Reporting of the incident
Actors involved
Diplomatic instruments used
Resolution or continuation of the event What is environmental diplomacy ? ENVIRONMENTAL DIPLOMACY It can be defined as the practice of conducting international relations for the purposes of preventing environmental deterioration.
It has two forms namely “REACTIVE” and “PROACTIVE” PROACTIVE vs. REACTIVE Proactive environmental diplomacy is the process where two or more nations create a relationship based on the exchange of environmental ideas, culture and technology with the purpose of bettering the environment of one or all of the countries involved.
Reactive is a process where two or more nations conduct international relations to resolve a specific environmental issue. Overview of event
Givemore Overview of event April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, located 45 miles off the coast of Venice, Louisiana, exploded and caught fire.
Resulted in the deaths of eleven workers.
It is the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry.
An estimated 53,000 barrels per day (8,400 m3/d) escaped from the well just before it was capped. Report of the incident The oil rig was owned by a Swiss company Trans-ocean but was being operated by British company BP 
The spill caused extensive damage to marine and wildlife habitats and to the Gulf's fishing and tourism industries
The spill also has harmed the Gulf environment, resulting in mortality of organisms, eggs, and early life stages and harm to habitat and other elements of the Gulf ecosystem. Mavambo Actors Involved Actors involved The different diplomatic and non diplomatic actors who were involved in the gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis…

Diplomacy is usually carried out through multifaceted interaction between various stakeholders which include the following
The E.U International organisations.
National organisations. The United States.
Britain . Public opinion.
Religious groups.
Diaspora communities Other private actors. Intergovernmental (multilateral) actors Non-governmental organisation NGOs(non-state actors) Governmental (state) actors THE JONES ACT Video clip ....
The U.S refused assistance from over 13 diplomatic actors. WHY ?
All because of THE JONES ACT...so what is the Jones Act ?
The Jones act can however be waved by the US administration in the event of state emergency.
Question: So why then did the U.S still decline assistance, if the Jones act could be waved?
The US later accepted assistance from the Dutch but it still kept the Jones act at heart. Dominic
Diplomatic instruments massive floating dynamically positioned drilling

Damage to wildlife, natural habitats, gulf fishing and tourism Diplomatic instruments used A series of negotiations
Economic diplomacy
Soft power diplomacy Diplomatic instruments The 11th Congress held 62 hearings related to the Gulf oil spill and at least 14 were directly Diplomatic relations with USA neighbours such as Cuba.
The USA and Britain were engaged in ‘Megaphone Diplomacy’ due to BP’s British origins.
Megaphone Diplomacy- negotiations between countries or parties are held through press releases and announcements, this is megaphone diplomacy, aiming to force the other party into adopting a desired position. Diplomatic instruments continued Resulted in diplomatic talks between the USA and Cuba.
About 12 countries opted to assist during the crisis directly which include .
NGO’s such as Greenpeace pressurised BP and the USA government to act swiftly.
BP can be exemplified as a non state actor which drew the international community together signifying the Global complexity of a single environmental incident. Resolutions and continuation of the event… Rutendo:
Resolutions Attempted Resolutions:
Cleaning up of the Gulf using cleaning chemicals
Compensation fund
Arrests of people connected to the accident Looking BACK… resolutions Continuation The dispersants do more harm than good
The US has pronounced this as a case of negligence on the part of the company
BP also continues to show traits of negligence e.g. it has been running TV ads peddling Gulf Coast tourism and urging people to “Come on Down”
BP still has strong ambitions for the region For you guys???? Is there any hope for the Gulf?
Do you think that BP cares about the environment? Reference List Pillow, Travis (2010-08-20). "McCollum: Feinberg’s oil spill claims proposal unfair to Floridians " Florida Independent: News. Politics. Media". Floridaindependent.com. Retrieved 2010-09-05.
Reddall, Braden (2010-04-22). "Transocean rig loss's financial impact mulled". Reuters.
Griggs J W, 2011, BP gulf of Mexico oil spill, Energy Law Journal, Vol. 32:57
Breslow, M. (2012). US slams BP for gross negligence in Gulf oil spill. Frontline. Accessed on 6 September 2012 from www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/business-economy-financial-crisis/thespill/u-s-slams
Huffpost Green. (10 September 2012). Internet newspaper. Accessed from www.huffingpost.com/2012/09/04/gulf-oil-spill-2010-bp-gross-negligence_n_1856209.html?
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