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The Rainforest by: Kaan

Information about the rainforest. By Kaan Kayis

Karen Simmons

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of The Rainforest by: Kaan

The Rainforest
Animals in the Rainforest
The rainforest is filled with life,there is
a variety of animals like monkeys, or
birds.The rainforest has over 2,000 species living there right now! That's a lot!

Do you want to know about the rainforest? If you do,ill give you some facts! One thing I need to tell you before we start is that.....THE RAINFOREST IS AWESOME!
In the rainforest you will find lots of trees, water ,animals and plants like chocolate, suger, cinnamon, and pineapples.Also,the rain forest has
four layers, The Emergents which is at the top,the canopy which is layer that covers the rainforest,the understory which is the layer with the animals and the forest floor is what we walk on!
How the rainforest got its name.
If you are wondering how the rainforest got its name,well...its because it rains a lot.It rains at least 4 inches!If you go to a rainforest,you should bring a least a coat or a umbrella.

By Kaan C. Kayis
Whats in the rainforest?
This is the Red Eye
Tree Frog.You can find
them in Southern Mexico
and Northern South America.
They eat flies, crickets, moths,
grasshoppers and even smaller
This is a rainforest in
Southern Mexico .
This is why you should go
with a coat !
In the Rainforest, it is hot, humid, and
damp.In the day its 80 degrees F
and at night its 64 degrees F!
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