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Huckleberry Finn Setting Review

No description

Emma Rhonemus

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Huckleberry Finn Setting Review

Important Places in Huckleberry Finn
Time Period
The story "Huckleberry Finn" is set in the mid 1830's in Missouri on the banks of the Mississippi where slavery was legal, and if you said otherwise you were a yankee. Slavery was at it's prime, and cotton was at it's best.
At this time Jackson is leaving office, which ends the era of good feelings. There is mass inflation due to speculative lending practices , a sharp decline in cotton prices, a collapsing land bubble, and restrictive lending policies
In Huckleberry Finn, there are many ways you can describe the atmosphere. Huck experiences many struggles during this book that causes the atmosphere to almost seem dangerous and the reader loses hope for Huck. This is also during the time period where slavery was still legal so there is much hostility towards blacks. Satire is a style of writing using humor and hyperbole to ridicule some aspect of human behavior in order to draw attention to it or initiate change. The behaviors Twain satirizes include: greed, racism, Southern chivalry and , gullibility, and "religious" people (not religion). Twain’s tone in the story gives a humorous and informal atmosphere also, but in much of the observations he makes on society, he is often critical.
Social Environment
The novel is set in the South in 1830s South which was full of slavery and deeply devoted to their religion as the novel takes place at the peak of the 2nd Great Awakening.
The biggest difference between the time of the novel and the present is the large presence of slavery, especially in the South. Most of the characters own slaves, weather or not they're good or bad. One thing that is very apparent when reading the novel is how every uses terms that are now considered racists and offensive such as the "n word", which makes sense since many people in the South were incredibly racist and believed that blacks were subhuman and many of them justified slavery and poor treatment of blacks with religion. However some people used religion as the basis for abolitionist sympathies and, although he is not very religious, Huck has some very abolitionist ideas.
Huckleberry Finn: Setting
St. Petersburg Missouri
Pap's Cabin
Mississippi River
Grangerfords Plantation
This is the starting point of the novel as well as the hometown of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer.
It is based on the real hometown of Mark Twain, Hannibal,Missouri.
Where the story takes place
Building block of the story
Different parts of setting:
Time period
Social Setting
Physical Setting
Time Period
amount of time the story occurred in
The time period the story takes place in
certain fashion, manners, activities, and technology are specific to time
the overall feeling of the book created by
the tone and mood
the emotions and feeling created by the characters
Social Setting
the acceptable way of
changes with the time period
Physical Setting
all of these things help create the actual picture of a place in the story
How would the story change if the setting of
The Fault in Our Stars
changed places with
The Hunger Games
Jackson's Island
The Hunger Games
- serious, dark
The Fault in Our Stars
- sad, happy, hopeful
The Crucible
- dark, menacing, havoc
The Hunger Games
- power struggle, the games, capital, division of districts
The Fault in Our Stars
- cancer is very prevalent
The Crucible
- religious
This is the place where pap takes Huck after he has been kidnapped and ultimately the reason Huck runs away. While they were there pap tries to kill him.
This is a place of freedom for Huck and Jim. While they run away the river is their only source of transportation. This includes rafts and steamboats.
The Hunger Games- (arena) woodland
The Fault in Our Stars- (support group) dusty church
The Crucible- (New world) ocean side town next to a forest

Jackson's Island is a woody island where Huck finds Jim, after they run away. This island is the starting point of Huck and Jim's adventure together.
Towns along the
The Grangerfords Plantation is a rich plantation that belongs to the Grangerfords, a rich aristocratic family. The plantation has many slaves and opens Huck's eyes on how bad slavery is.
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