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Our 10 vocab words

10 vocab definitions by rhk <3

Heather Canfield

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of Our 10 vocab words

10 Vocabulary Words By: Heather, Kylie, Ronnie Odds:
A comparison of favorible
outcomes and unfavorible outcomes. Intergers:
The set of whole numbers and their opposites. Simplify:
To write a fraction or
expression in simplest form. Exponent:
The number that indicates
how many times the base is used
as a factor. Diagonal:
A line segment that connects
2 non adjacent
verticies of a polygon. Function:
An input, output relationship
that has exactly one output for
each input. Perfect Square:
A square of a whole number. Coefficient:
The number that is multiplied
by the variable in an algebraic
expression. Binomials:
A polynomial with
two terms. Domain:
The set of all possible input
values. Range:
The set of all possible output
values. 10. Domain/Range 1. Odds 2. Integers 3. Simplify 4. Exponent 5. Diagonal 6. Function 7. Perfect Square 8. Coefficient 9. Binomials Our Definition:
A ratio of favorable and unfavorable
outcomes in comparison. Our Definition:
A set of positive and negative
whole numbers. Our Definition:
To make a fraction
or expression easier
to read and understand. Our Definition:
The small number
that tells you how
many times to multiply
the bigger number by
itself. Our Definition:
A slanted line that connects
2 corners. Our Definition:
A set of numbers with equal
inputs and outputs. Our Definiton:
Any number multiplied by
itself. Our Definition:
The number that
is next to the variable
in an expression. Our Definition:
An algebraic expression
with 2 terms. Our Definition:
D-input of values
R- output of values Odds For: 3/4
Odds Against: 4/3
7, -3, 5, -6, 2, -9 3x+4x +8y-3y
5 3 = 5 x 5 x 5=25 Math Example: Math Example: Math Example: Math Example: Math Example: Math Example: Math Example: Math Example: Math Example: Input Output Math Example: This is an ODD picture. Positive + Negative - !!! THE END !!! Ronnie Heather Kylie
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