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La Fete Des Rois

French Project

Xiao-ke Lu

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of La Fete Des Rois

La Fête Des Rois BY... Xiao-ke Lu And Aditi Singh What is la fête des rois? Qu'est que la fête des rois? La fête des rois literally means 'The Festival of The Kings' as it originated from the story of the three kings who came to Bethlehem to offer homage to the baby Jesus. As some of you might know, they each gave Jesus a gift: gold, frankencense and Myrrh. This festival is to celebrate the arrival of the three kings. Origines Origins When? Quand? Traditions The galette de rois literally means 'the King's Cake'. It is a round puff pastry filled with almond paste and the baker would hide a 'féve' in it. Traditionally, the 'féve' would literally be a broad bean, but in modern times, that has been replaced with a random trinket. The youngest member of the family would hide under the table and name who should get the piece that someone above the table offers to make sure that the sharing out is completly random. The lucky person who finds the 'féve' would be designated the king or queen of the day, and would select a king or queen. (The king would choose a queen, a queen would choose a king.) The cake would be divided into as many shares as guests, plus one for the poor/Virgin Mary/God. Traditionally, this slice would be kept for the first poor person who arrived, but if no-one came, it would be kept. If it went bad very quickly, it was a sign of bad luck. This festival originated in Rome but quickly spread all over Europe. In other cultures, it is called 'The Epiphany'. La Fin! La Galette de Rois The King's Cake When? Quand? La fête des rois takes place on January 6th. How to make a galette des rois... Comment faire un galette des rois...
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