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Maersk FP

Analisis Final Project

Manu Rico

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Maersk FP

Introduction April 1904 - Shipowner A.P. Møller established A/S Dampskibsselskabet Svendborg.

Maersk Line is one of the world’s leading liners shipping companies, with expertise in transportation, energy sector, oil and gas exploration.

Mission •Truly understanding our clients and their business.
•Offering second-to-none transportation solutions.
•Being profitable - and delivering sustainable, profitable growth.
•Continuously reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
•Offering our colleagues personal growth and a motivating place to work.
•Being innovative.
•Being good corporate citizens.
Vision We create opportunities in global commerce Opportunity Description Open Job vacancies at Headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Career development in global commerce.
Availability to move from any country to Denmark, with long-term work permits.
Maersk invests in education and training for graduates.
What Maersk seeks in their workers? Ambitious graduates eager to take on challenges.
Creative thinking.
Upright and humble.
Deliver results and simple solution for complex problems.
Business description Providing logistics solutions in the transportation business.
Create opportunities of innovation to develop competitive edge.
Ensure the most efficient and accurate transportation plan service.
Growth Consolidation Re-approach
Strategic Drive Description:
Attend to a job interview with the company.
Express my commitment to make a career in the company.
Get to a position in Supply Chain Management.
Grow my way through to Denmark.
Began in the Maersk’s branch in Mexico to work my way up.
Obtain a job in the position of logistics and chain management.
Move to the headquarters of Maersk in Denmark.
In the long-term, consolidate myself as a strong piece for the company.
Invest time and efforts to obtain an interview.
Dedicate in body and soul to create awareness of my work.
Higher probabilities for Danish candidates to be hired.
Language and cultural barriers.
SBU: Copenhagen, Denmark Traditional Strategic Thinking Look for a job in the local country.
Begin Masters Degree.
Take over the family business.
Compete with titles and degrees.
Believing the best opportunity I would have would be in the U.S.
Thinking that European job opportunities are only for Europeans.
Innovative Strategic Thinking Pursue job opportunities worldwide.
Develop a risk-taker approach.
Move to a different country and start from scratch.
Compete with creative thinking.
If beginning a master degree, look for scholarships in another country.
Learn more languages.
Get closer to the country, hence to the company.
Try my way out from Maersk’s local branch.
Positive Scenario Maersk seeks for a cultural diverse company environment.
Employee profile related to international business, among others.
Job offer has increased due to the company’s expansion.
Have been in the HQ home country, and knowing the culture.
Knowledge on Danish visas for work permits and residence.
Growing necessity for logistics services, especially maritime.
Industry Scenario Impact on SBU Increasing demand and growth for logistics companies, job offers increase.
Availability to move to another country.
Fulfillment of Maersk’s employee profile.
Easiness and availability to process work visa permits.
Increase in opportunities to obtain a job at Maersk.
Negative Scenario Think I don’t have what it takes.
More graduates apply for a job at the same company.
Language barrier.
Hesitate when the time comes to take chances.
Danish visa permits length is long and bureaucratic.
Competitors of Maersk will take on market share.
Impact on SBU Reduction of possibilities to obtain a job at Maersk.
Jobs are obtained first by locals, leaving foreigners behind.
Governmental barriers to obtain a work permit.
Legal unavailability to work in Denmark.
Contraction in Maersk growth.
Macro environment Denmark comprises more than 400 named islands and islets and has a total shoreline of more than 7,300 km, which is longer than the shoreline of other much bigger countries.
Life in Denmark has therefore always required close contact to the sea. The Danish shipping industry today operates around 50 million tons deadweight (TDW). The fleet consists of tonnage under both the Danish flag as well as under other flags and is partly owned by Danish shipping companies and is partly chartered tonnage from foreign partners. Danish shipping companies’ fleets carry around 10 per cent of world trade at sea which makes Denmark one of the most important seafaring nations in the world. The shipping trade is the backbone of this industrial cluster which also includes maritime trading companies, manufacturers, service companies and consultancy companies.
Operating in the same arena, as they do, these companies are closely intertwined and subject to the same pressures in an extremely internationally- oriented environment. Denmark’s achievements must be said to result from a combination of several factors: very competitive shipping companies, a strong maritime tradition and goodwill from Danish governments and the authorities. Competitors Geneva, Switzerland
40 years in the business
European competitor
World’s 2rd largest container shipping company.
Mediterranean Shipping (maturity) CMA CGM (growth) Paris, France
37 years in the business
European competitor
World’s 3rd largest container shipping company.
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (Maturity) Tokyo, Japan
132 years in the business.
Asian competitor
Industry Overview Customers Substitute products Suppliers New Entrants •Local customers
•International customers
•Air Transportation Services
•Railroad Transportation Services
•Trucking Transportation Services
•Terminal and container-handling equipment
•Steel, engines for new building of ships
•Paint for ships and containers
•Navigation and communication equipment
•Safety and security, equipment
•Mediterranean Shipping
•Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd
•Local Competitors
Low High Local International Low High Local International Cluster Analysis Branch Location Monterrey, N.L. Strategic Business Point SWOT Analysis Strengths International Business Major
Experience in Purchasing and Planning Areas
Knowledge of the functions in Supply Chain
Experience in a global company
Weakness Don’t know the local language
Location distance
Lack of greater working experience
No masters degree
Opportunities Network with Maersk’s employee
Maersk locations world-wide (Mexico)
International semester in the country’s main university
Take classes to know the language
Threats Not being able to change location.
Not obtaining a job offer from Maersk
Ambitious graduates can be easily found
Key Success Factor Location Vicinity to a Maersk Branch, located in Monterrey. Knowledge Insight in how Shipping companies develops around the Supply Chain Operational Working experience in areas of Purchasing and Planning Major Specialization International Business and Supply Chain related activities. Strategic Position Strategic position vs. Attractiveness 8 2 1 2 10 3 12 13 5 2 7 57 Requires a much attention and effort to comply
Strategic Risk Analysis Strategic Risk vs. Attractiveness Strategic risk vs. maturity Strategic Risk vs. competitive position Risk Attractiveness Risk Position Risk Maturity Conclusions Maersk is an attractive company for career development: invest in employees and logistic positions.
Denmark’s government facilitates working permits – Incentives international competition.
My major, experience and emotional drive motivates me to push for my objective.
The Shipping service industry is in constant growth and development due to increasing demand.
Globalization is a vital factor; Danish companies seek what is best for growth and cultural diversity.
Passion Qualification Momentum Personal Motivation Learning habits or customs from people.
Live among different cultures.
Social Service w/Children
Teaching people or training courses.
Problem solving
Learning on my feet.
Re-building procsseses.
Leading the way •Move to Denmark
•Expect a lot from myself
•Be the best
•Work to sustain a family in the future Objective: Obtain a job in Maersk.
Position in the Area of Supply Chain Logistics.
Working at the HQ in Copenhaguen, Denmark. Scratching the Dream Manuel Rico Guajardo
Final Proyect Agenda Introduction
Personal Motivation
Mission & Vision
Opportunity Description
Strategic Drive
Traditional Thinking / Innovative Thinking
Industry Scenario
Macro Environment
Industry Overview
Key Success Factors
Strategic Position
Strategic Risk Analysis
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