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The Cronulla Beaches

No description

Fiona Morton

on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of The Cronulla Beaches

The 1974 storms
In 1974 massive storms with high waves caused widespread damage to the beach area. There was significant erosion of the cliff faces.
Coastal Management of Cronulla
Sutherland Shire Council has formed a committee to examine environmental impacts and to establish the Bate Bay management plan. This plan is currently working on seawall reconstruction, installation of coastal watch beach cameras, a surfing festival and much more.
Cronulla Beach
Sand Dunes in Cronulla
Cronulla Riots
1980s - Rapid high rise development especially around South Cronulla
1990s - High rise development continued spreading to north Cronulla
2005 - Cronulla beach the scene of violent race riots
1950s - Rapid residential development, especially to the north
1960s - Two more patrolled beaches opened at Elouera and Wanda
1974 - Severe storms caused widespread damage to beaches
The Cronulla Beaches
Cronulla Sand Dunes
1907 - South Cronulla surf club was formed
1925 - Beach patrols begun at North Cronulla
1939 - Cronulla became the only Sydney beach connected by a train line
A brief history
By Fiona and Rebecca
The large expanse of water and the south east winds over time have lead to the formation of a significant area of sand dunes. Sand mining has destroyed or altered much of the ecosystem, especially since the dunes have acted as a buffer for Botany Bay, shielding it from storms and wind.
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