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I Am From Poem

I am From poem for my language arts class by: Monica Lewandowski

Monica Lewandowski

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of I Am From Poem

I am From Poem

By: Monica Lewandowski I am From
Large sofas,
facing the open
summer yard.
I am from big
potted plants and
fish inhabited
ponds. I am from
dirtbike mounds
and dogs Barking through the night,
I am from
cheesy enchiladas
in the hot baking oven. I am From
Justin Beiber posters
lining the walls
I am from people
staring and
i not caring. I am from
flower beds and
cherry blossom trees
I am from
buzzing, silly bees
and soaring birds. I am from jumping off the bus every day
I am from Nancy drew books,
and romance novels,
I am from fresh nail
polish, and the smell
of georgia
pecan pie!!! I am from sunny sundays
after church
and shopping with my mom,
I am from awesome
besties and parties,
all night long!! I am from
pool jumping in flordia
to wearing alot of purple.
(like justin bieber cause he is so hot) I am from
Chicken fajitas going "ssssssssssssssss"
I am from my Box turtle
named "splotty"
that my dad found
in the road I am from
the fish that was at least 10 ft. long
That we caught at the lake
last summer
I am From
the millions of butterflies
that fly in my stomach every
time I fail a test I Am from
"hI's" and "goodbyes"
and hopes and dreams that others don't beleive in
I Am from
Sweet birdie songs and long sad funerals that seem to take years to end I am from
dancing like a monkey
when no one is looking
And fallIng out of bEd
at least 3 times a week I am from
a record setting slow as a slug runner
and eating as much as a cow and a half after school Thanks for watching!!!!
I hoped you learnt a little about
me!!!!!!! THE END!!!!! :)
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