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Corrie ten Boom

No description

Donnie Hargadon

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Corrie ten Boom

Born in 1892 in Holland.
She started a club where boys and girls came together.
Her dad's work was becoming very popular around town.

Adult Life
Corrie ten Boom died on her 91st birthday in her bed. She died peacefully.
She was known for being a follower of God and impacting the world with Go's Word and was committed to doing this because she knew that even in the darkest situations there was never a time when she stopped explaining God's love, forgiveness, and power to them.
Why I picked Corrie ten Boom for my project was because she just really inspired me to do what she was doing in the first. She dug the faithfulness to God out of me and inspired me to continue to do what she started and will try to finish it because I know God will be with me all the way through it.
Early Life
People were worried that they would enter World War II and later one night German planes were bombing the airport.
Bombings toward homes caused over 78,000 people to become homeless.
Corrie ten Boom
Corrie's home was turning into a rescue center for homeless people and Jews.
The German's made a new law to where having Jews in your home is illegal, but Corrie and her family did not worry about this.
Corrie was found out for doing this and was sent to a concentration camp for a long time.
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