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Broadcast Prep and Distribution

No description

Steven Sabonjohn

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of Broadcast Prep and Distribution

Broadcast Prep and Distribution

High Level Upstream - Production
Pre Production, Production and Post Production create the main asset.
Central Automation
Pre Production
Set Design
Talent and Crew Selection
Wardrobe & Make-up
Principle Photography
Post Production
Ad Delivery Platforms
ISCI Codes
International Standardized Commercial Identifier
A unique, industry standardized naming convention used to identify commercials aired on commercial television worldwide.

Example: KOWV T002 578

Channel in a Box
Nielsen is the primary source of audience measurement information used by the television industry to sell advertisements. Directly before transmission, an inaudible audio watermark is embedded to the program which is measured by select "participant" households.
Main Program Broadcast Prep
Broadcast Prep
Graphics are usually inserted dynamically at playout and consist of 3 main types.
Lower Thirds
Lower 3rd is a graphic placed in the title-safe lower area of the screen. Lower 3rd are usually used in news or to identify the speaker, but are also used for screen crawls and animated promotions called "snipes"
Credit Squeeze
A "Credit Squeeze" is a split-screened version of the show's credits to allow for running a promo, program tag or the start of the next program. 2D and 3D graphic layouts and backgrounds are often used.
Master Asset
Sample Projects
WIP Production DAM
Digital Dailies / Review & Approval
Marketing DAM
Broadcast Prep Digitization
Digital Screening Room
International Prep
Process Mapping and Improvement
Workflow System Integration
Digital Distribution
TV Everywhere Live Streaming
TV Everywhere VOD (e.g. HBO GO)
Electronic Sell Through (EST) and Video On Demapnd (VOD)
Ratings Anaylsis and DWBI

Main Program
Closed Captioning
MVPD - Multichannel Video Programing Distributor
Owned and Operated Stations
Local stations owned and operated by the network. These are usually in larger markets and receive content directly from the main broadcast.
MVPDs pull down recieve main programming from networks as well as local programming from Affiliates.
Ratings Share
A single broadcast playout solution that can integrate all elements needed to produce a linear program.
Makelist - Reads the schedule and checks that all elements are ready and prioritizes "makes" based on time to air. This is the centralized location for all content coming in and out of the playout environment.
Graphic 1
Main Program 1
Closed Captioning 1
Stages all elements on Playout Server
Archives "Ready For Air" content after playout and can restore directly to playout for future use
News & Sports
Dramas & Comedies
Soap Operas
Studio Shows
Digital Production Workflow
Motion Graphics/VFX
Color Correction
Audio Mixing
Master Creation
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