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No description

Matthew Kyazze

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Diamonds

By : Mpamba Nzowa
Matthew Kyazze
Tunde Adeleke
Claude Jean
Josh Gaudet Diamonds In Society and Media Worth $3,999.99 1.65ct Round Center Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold Ring Finger Wedding Band Wedding Ring Archduke Maximilian of Austria Mary of Burgundy Diamonds In Sports Not only are diamonds big in the entertainment industry, they are also popular in sports. Diamonds in Society Teams that win the Superbowl are given Superbowl rings. The rings are used as mementos for winning and are made of gold and diamond The first ever Superbowl rings were presented to the 1967 green bay packers History The first ever producers of Superbowl rings was Jostens One sport in particular is football Diamonds In The Music Industry Conflicts Conflict diamonds/blood diamonds
Funding Civil Wars
Destroying families and villages
Child Soldiers Marketing Sierra Leone Civil War from 1993-2003
Led by RUF ( Revolutionary United Front)
Weapons exchanged for diamonds
Claimed over 75,000 lives and caused 500,000 to become refugees Jewelry stores and diamond Companies promote diamonds as being a form of love. Slogans A perfect diamond for... for the perfect moments- Jubilee

Diamonds are forever- De beers

Every kiss begins with Kay- Kay jewelers Where did the idea of Diamond Rings come from? THANK YOU
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