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Social & media innovation Global Digital Marketing Here's what we'll cover... What we accomplished
Where we go from here
Why we must do this
How we will get there What we've accomplished thus far... Where do we go from here? Why should we do this? So, how do we get there? We optimize and enhance all of our digital channels and content based on results.

We pilot A/B and mulit-variate testing.

We help the organization make sense of our own set of Big Data. We test. Refine. Test. Refine. We become the first of the Big 4 to solidify an engaged global presence on key Chinese social networks, and we focus on where the energy is headed, not where it has been in the past. We step up our game in China. Social aggregation
Content curation (e.g., Newscred)
Social API feeds and apps
Live streaming and G+ Hangouts
Social video production
Infographic rapid prototyping
Promoted social products
Reactive display advertising
Next screen (touch TV)
Facebook Open Graph [search] We explore new and unique ways of bringing our brand to life on paid, earned and owned channels. kpmg.com does a good job of presenting reports and articles (i.e., marketing brochure-ware), and comments on issues will be a nice addition to the platform.

However organizations further along in their social journey have realized that the greatest opportunity for social engagement is not to participate on external channels, but to foster a dialogue on their own branded, proprietary channel (dot.com).

Mapping our highly complex, matrixed organization into a singular, fluid dialogue will require meticulous planning and thinking beyond the boundaries of conventional user experience. We foster a social community online that truly differentiates us from the competition. 1. We lead by innovative example.
2. We inspire a cultural revolution across the network.
3. And we get comfortable with the idea of leading the Big 4! In a nutshell, we spark a digital revolution. We determine how the SEMANTIC WEB is reshaping the internet.

We figure out how the INTERNET OF THINGS is going to disrupt our online business model.

We listen, watch, learn, and we feed this knowledge back into the organization. We proactively plan for what’s next. We create a set of guidelines and a production toolkit for event and office based digital signage. We introduce digital into the physical client experience. We make WEFlive.com our signature digital/social channel, and forge an affinity relationship with a tier 1 media outlet or the WEF itself. We accelerate innovation where we've placed our chips on the board. Becoming a top innovator in the digital space will attract leads and new business for our Advisory partners focused on the new digital client offering and other areas of the business. Leads and new business Securing regular speaking engagements for our leaders and Global Digital Marketing will help to grow our influence externally, and will also open doors for our client facing partners focused on digital and social solutions. Speaking engagements Innovating on our existing digital strategies and tactics will result in incremental media pick-up and help us to increase our profile and rank with key research analysts. Media and analyst kudos Expanding our efforts to include forward-thinking, innovative digital solutions that engage our audience will result in greater share of voice in online and traditional channels. Increased share of voice and audience engagement Our efforts surrounding WEF demonstrated that we have the talent to win, and incubating advanced digital solutions will set the stage for even more success.

Winning awards not only signals to the external market place that we’re an innovative firm, it shows our people around the globe that we are moving ahead. Awards 1. An expanded mandate.

2. Additional resources.

3. Strategic investment / discretionary spend.

4. A plan for getting to the next level. What’s the ask? The objective of this workstream will be to leverage the insights gleaned from on and offline discussions to bring the KPMG brand to the forefront of the digital tsunami that is gaining speed. Enter a new arm of the Global Digital Marketing team focused on social & media innovation. Our digital strategy is set, and we have an executive sponsor behind us.

Our product roadmap is moving along one step at a time, and SharePoint 2013 is on the horizon.

Our operations and project management are coming of age.

Our social media journey is in full-swing, and progressing at a healthy pace. Simply put, we innovate and we lead We drove the planning and execution of the WEF display ads and advertorials.

We planned and managed the social promoted products and display ads for the Global Healthcare ‘Teach/Learn’ campaign.

We secured Global MSAs with Twitter, LinkedIn and SlideShare, and we continue to drive adoption of promoted social products within the GRC and member firms. We entered new territory for KPMG with both social promoted products and display advertising. We turned heads with WEFlive.com and the leadership support we provided during the annual WEF summit in Davos.

The Senior Leaders in Social Media program has grown to six global leaders, which now includes our Global CEO and Global Deputy Chairman (the first of the Big 4 to activate a CEO in social!).

And with the launch of the Social Media Implementation Working Group (SMIWG), we'll be positioned to drive greater adoption of the global Social Media Strategy with member firm leadership. We're on the radar of the Global Executive. We built critical global relationships with key vendors and social networks. We produced an innovative social aggregation service that captured the minds of our clients, the media, and the world.

We drastically outpaced the Big 4 competitive set by 59% in terms of social share of voice, and, according to the WEF, we had the most prominent voice of ANY brand during the 2013 WEF summit in Davos. We drove the first truly integrated campaign for KPMG. We use social monitoring to inform our global marketing plans.

We listen to the trends and insights that are emerging, and often respond in virtual real-time.

We measure the impact our social efforts, and optimize as we go. We listen to the conversation before we plan. We built a solid community management practice focused on listening and talking to our clients and influencers online.

We established a solid, consistently branded presence on the most prominent social networks.

We maintain an exceptional channel growth rate, while never losing sight of quality over quantity.

We are consistently the most engaged of the Big 4 across all major social channels. We became the voice of KPMG International. cisco.com/web/communities
discussions.apple.com To realize this vision of a workstream focused on social & media innovation, existing roles will need an expanded mandate and net-new roles will need to be created on the Global Digital Marketing team. Organizational structure Sr. Manager, Social & media innovation Social Media Manager Digital Innovation Project Manager Social Media Coordinator Social Media Content Producer Social Media Analyst We unify our increasingly fragmented mobile presence under a single native app, and make it a knowledge centre that users will visit daily. WEF strategy Mobile strategy With 565M internet users and over half accessing via mobile devices, we help the Global China Practice and Chinese member firm make mobile their FIRST digital marketing priority. We build an interactive, customizable digital template for the production of ABM collateral. We build a large format, interactive, touch screen display for the 2014 WEF summit in Davos. Digital signage ABM digital templates Interactive touch displays Scott Monty, Ford's Social Media Manager, has become the poster child for social media through his regular appearances on the speaking circuit.
Ford's CEO, Alan Mullaly, is widely recognized for his open and transparent voice in social, often quoted alongside Scott in relation to Ford's social efforts.
As a result, Ford is now recognized as a leading social business and has dramatically grown its profile with social influencers and the media alike. Scott Monty and Alan Mullaly RACI A body responsible for producing innovative digital solutions. A body accountable for strategic design new and innovative digital client experiences. A body that informs global and local Advisory partners and innovation workstreams of the solutions in development. A body that consults the Digital Marketing Steering Group to ensure the solutions it develops will provide value to the organization and change brand perception. For example, innovation initiatives might seek solutions to address questions like these... We moved ahead from Stage 2 to Stage 3.25 of our social engagement journey. Not bad, right? Cisco Communities (various audiences) AMEX OpenForum (small and medium size business) The new Pepsi.com Social communities that got it right: Sources:
Forrester: 2013 Winning Social Media Marketing in China
http://www.economist.com/news/special-report/21574628-internet-was-expected-help-democratise-china-instead-it-has-enabled A/B Ford Motor Co's social media tag team $ $ $ But there's a gap...
No one is focused on developing innovative solutions to address emerging trends and our clients' increasingly complex digital needs. Eliot Johnson Dan
Di Federico Prashant Saxena Pranya Yamin Head of Global Digital Marketing David Green How can we weave social media and curated content streams into the DNA of kpmg.com? How can digital signage and/or touch displays elevate our brand presence at key conferences and events? What type of mobile solution would allow us to establish and retain a leading digital presence in China? How digital/social advertising techniques will enable us to outmaneuver our competitors? Social strategy, governance, training, and executive reporting
Tier 1 campaign briefings and strategy development
Strategic design of digital innovation initiatives
Team oversight and vendor relations Global champion
Digital Marketing Steering Group communications & accountability
Business & budget approver Global social media community management practice lead
Social media campaign planning
Social media monitoring lead
Social influencer outreach lead
Social media advertising lead Social media listening and measurement
Social media account monitoring
Social media account inventory
Social media influencer database
Social media advertising optimization
Social media SEO Social media community management support
Conversation calendar management
Social account moderation & monitoring
Inquiry triage
URL trackers & measurement
'Community of Practitioners' hub manager Blog posts and social updates
Rapid production of infograhpics and visual assets
Production of social video assets (editing existing video content and shooting original content at events) PM all innovation workstream assignments
Coordinate with contracted vendors
Measure and report progress Share of voice Funding model
Stage 1: Exploratory session(s)

Stage 2: Requirements gathering

Stage 3: Proposal development

Stage 4: Pitch meetings

Stage 5: Funding approval

Stage 6: Design & development

Stage 7: Initiative launch

Stage 8: Measure & optimize

Stage 9: Member firm roll-out Phase 1 Phase 2
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