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CSMS NTK - Need to Knows 2017 - 2018

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Grant Hackethorn

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of CSMS NTK - Need to Knows 2017 - 2018

Afternoon Procedures
Do Not Exit Front Doors
Go to
Side & Remain There
School Rules Apply "On-Campus" - Includes Outside

Bus Procedures
Watch for Your Bus
Music Must Have Headphones
Phone in Parent Pick-Up Area Outside & Inside
Request to Ride Another Bus
Submit Parent Note to Office in Morning:
Your Name(s), Grade Parent Name,
Bus, Phone Number

Parent Pick-Up Procedures
Parent Pick-Up Area
Softball Field Area

Walkers/Bus Riders
Leave Immediately
Crossing the Bridge

Athletic Games
School Rules Apply (Including Dress Code)
Students in Stands
Purchase a Ticket or Athletic Pass
Removal from a Game
Once You Leave, You May Not Return
Dress Code
Sagging Pants/Pajama Pants
Skirt/Dress/Shorts Length
Fingertips at Hem
Includes Leggings
Sheer Tops
All Tops Must Have Sleeves
Leggings/Tights - Must Cover
Distracting Holes In Jeans/Skin Showing
Appropriate Footwear
Advertisement Examples

Change of Clothes - Parent or School
1 -- 2 -- 3 -- Day Lunch Detention

1 -- 2 -- 3 -- Day ISS Placement
Nowhere - No Time
Running in the Halls
Use 200/300 vs. Back of School
Results in Lunch Detention or Further Consequences

What NOT to Bring to School
Knives/Lighters/Weapons/Age Items
Cell Phone Use - Off & Not Visible
No Selfies at CSMS
Pickup Policy in Office
Students (Before 8:18)
Parent (After 8:18)
Disposed at End of Year

Inform Teacher if Sick
Nurse Makes Decision About Leaving
Consequences for Making Phone Calls
All Medications in Office with Note & Dose
No Student Carrying unless Approved
The CSMS Way
Student Expectations & Procedures Video
Wed, Thurs, Fri in Advisory


Your Principals
Mr. Haas
Mr. Hackethorn
Mr. Hadnot

Requests to See a Principal
Form in Front Office

Similar Procedure for Counselor
Morning Procedures
Entering the Building: (7:45)
Bus/Parent Side Doors
No "Hanging Out" Outside
Ask Permission to Leave
OR Reading Only
Legs In
Back Against the Wall

Places to Go:
Cafeteria (7:50)
Gym (8:00) - 8th Grade Only
Tutorials (8:00 - 8:15)
Checking the Board

Admits/Early Dismissal:
Handwritten Note from
Reason Why/Date/Phone Number
3 Day Limit
7:45 - 8:25
Cafeteria Procedures
Do Not Use Side Door to Patio
Listen for Announcements
No Cutting or Horseplay in Line
Pickup all Trash around your table
Food Holds Your Seat
Request Permission from Teacher or Administrator to Leave
Monitor Dismisses Your Table
Nearest Restroom: Behind Trophy Case
(Doors Permanently Open)

Inclement Weather
Privilege, Not a Right

Eating with Parent?
Just You & Parent on Stage
No Bringing Friends/Sharing Food
CSMS NTK - Need to Knows 2017 - 2018
Cubs are..... a future SUCCESS in the making!
Safety & Your Responsbility
Shelter in Place
Tutorials & Tutorial Bus
3:50 - 4:30
Monday - Thursday
Must Have Permission Form (1x)
Must Have Bus Slip from Tutorial Teacher
Suspensions Apply to ALL Bus Service
Bus Behavior
"Extension of the School Building"
Day(s) of Bus Suspension
Final One: Remainder of Year
Deputy Patranella
Brazos Co. Sheriff's Office
Cell Phones
Locker Security
Use Your Own
Old One = No Good
Athletic Lockers
Students shall come to school clean and neat, wearing clothing and exhibiting grooming that will not be a health or safety hazard to themselves or others.

School Board policy prohibits any clothing that in the principal’s judgment may reasonably be expected to cause disruption of or interference with normal school operations
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