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My Brother Sam is Dead

Hess, Kueter, Oppelt, Schmit, Tauber, Harry.

zach hess

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of My Brother Sam is Dead

Author Information Theme Quotes My Brother Sam is Dead People in this book who are real. Mr. Heron. James has written seven books including "My Brother Sam is Dead". Character vs Character Tim disagrees with Sam
Tim fights with Betsy
Tim thinks that Father's too harsh on Sam Character vs Self Tim decides to be Loyalist/Patriot
Tim becomes a man Character vs Nature Tim has to fight threw a snow storm Character vs Society Tim going against Church
Remain loyal to King James Lincolin Collier
1928- Father was all for Great Britain
He was against Sam for being a patriot. Father Sam Sam was a Patriot, fighting for freedom. War turns men into animals Sam runs away with fathers gun, the Brown Bess, so he can go to war. James went to Hamilton college. James and Christopher's books are very popular among young readers. In war the dead pay
the debt of the living Sam goes to war and Tim is always wondering when he will be home Theme Quotes In war the dead pay
the debt of the living Mr. Heroin asks Tim if he wants to deliver some letters for him, but Father doesn't want him to. Father Theme Quotes James and Christopher grew up in a family of writers. Sam believed he should fight for freedom Plot Summery Tim and Father go to Verplanks Point so that they can sell stuff for the tavern. But on the way there, they get stopped by some cowboys that hurt Father. On the way home Father is captured and dies on a ship, so Sam comes home and he is framed for stealing his own cows. Tim and mother talk Colonel Reeds out of killing Sam for "stealing cattle" but he wants to make an example out of him, so Sam was killed Character vs Character Character vs Self Has to decide to be a Loyalist/ Patriot
Has to grow up and be a man Thinks that Father's too harsh
Thinks Sam is wrong for fighting in Revolutionary War
Tim fights with Betsy James and Christopher collier Christopher went to Clarke University. sam was confused about things going on between his dad and brother Conflicts Character vs Society Tim going against Church
Remain loyal to King James is a musician and plays lots of jazz music. Their parents names were Edmund and Katharine Brown. James served in the army FUN FACTS James and Christopher Collier
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