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Mitchell Mattison

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of PUBERTY

The period during which adolescents reach sexual maturity and become capable of reproduction.
Testicles-Usually the first sign of puberty for boys is the enlargement of your testicles. The skin around the testes will also change texture.
Adams Apple-When a boy is going through puberty they will start getting an 'Adam's apple'. This is your (voice box) getting larger and sticking out at the front of your throat. While this is happening the voice may seem to be cracking, squeaking and deepening.
A common problem is:
Acne-While going through puberty acne, pimples, zits and spots might occur. This is because your skins pores work in overdrive because of the boost in hormones so your skin and hair is quite oily. To limit the acne use a facial product to cleanse your face.

Mood Swings-Many people experience mixed up feelings and mood swings when going through puberty. One minute you have lots of energy and the next you feel so absolutely dead tired that you just want to be left alone.
Puberty usually brings a whole new set of emotions you may have never felt before. For example, you may feel some sexual feelings that you never felt in the past or you might feel a particular way about someone.
While going through puberty you might start feeling sensitive. You might feel extra-sensitive to criticism, or teasing, or some jokes. Little things might set you off. You might think that nobody understands you. This is normal and you should not worry.
What Sets It Going?
When your body is ready to begin puberty, your brain will tell the pituitary gland (which is located at the bottom of your brain) to release special hormones. These special hormones will work with different parts of your body to change from being a boy/girl to a man/woman.

Brain-The Hypothalamus in the brain makes some gonadotropin releasing hormone. This activates the pituitary gland to release follicle activating hormone and luteinising hormone. When these hormones arrive at the ovaries, they trigger the release of the female sex hormone called oestrogen and progesterone.

•Scrotum and Hair-In the early stages of puberty, the scrotum grows larger and pubic hair will start appearing at the base of the penis.
•Body Changes-The shoulders get wider, muscles start to get bigger and stronger and you gain weight.

•Hormones-Your body will start producing more sex hormones, so you will start having more sexual feelings and more erections.

•New Experiences-Many people look for new experiences while going through puberty. The teenage brain development means that teenagers are likely to seek out new experiences and engage in more risk-taking behaviour. But they are still developing control over their instincts.
•Identity Searching-While going through puberty you may start searching for identity and what kind of person you are. Young people are busy working out who they are and where they fit in the world. The kind of person who you are can be influenced by gender, peer group, cultural background and family expectations.
•Independence-You may also start seeking more independence and responsibility. This is likely to influence the decisions you makes and the relationships you have with family and friends.
•Peer Pressure-Your peer group and you are likely to be influenced by what you see around you in popular media and your friends might put pressure on you to do something that you might not want to.
•Relationships-While going through puberty it is normal for a boy or a girl to be sexually attracted to people that they would want be more than 'just friends' with.

•Feeling Uncertain- You may begin to wonder and think about new and unfamiliar aspects of life such as career, livelihood and marriage and you might feel uncertain about the future.
Face-In puberty the females face lengthens and changes from round to oval. The bones inside the face grow.

Brain-The Hypothalamus in the brain makes some gonadotropin releasing hormone. This activates the pituitary gland to release a follicle activating hormone and some other hormones. When these hormones arrive at the ovaries, they trigger the release of the female sex hormone called oestrogen and progesterone.
Sweat-Females start to produce thick and fatty sweat with a greyish sort of colour and this is in response to emotions and sexual excitement. Sweat starts to get its smell when bacteria start to break it down.

Breasts-Before puberty only the tip of the nipple is raised. The nipple and breast then start to grow outwards and the dark skin around the nipple gets bigger. The breast grows when fat starts to build up inside. The dark skin around the nipple darkens and the milk ducts start to form inside the breast. The dark skin and the nipple swell up and stick out of the breast. The breasts become rounded and the swelling stops.
Body Shape-The pelvic bones grow bigger and the hips widen in preparation for having a baby. Fat gathers on the hips, thighs and buttocks and this makes the body curvier.

New Friendships-During Puberty Females move from Primary School to High School and many of them don't know anyone at their new school so they have to make new friendships.
Menstrual Cycle:
The average menstrual cycle goes for 28 days long. Each cycle the uterus is lined with a fleshy membrane that is in preparation for an egg. At around day 14 the ovaries release an egg that travels through the fallopian tube and embeds itself in the uterus lining, this can take a few days and some people will feel a small pain. The next thing that happens is that the egg is either fertilized or is removed with the lining thought the vagina. This can take a few days and is kept under control by girls or women using tampons or pads.

More Freedom-During puberty girls are usually looking for more freedom to go where they want when they want with whoever they want. They want to have freedom to go out with their friends and do what they want otherwise they feel like they are being treated like little kids. They also want more freedom because they think they are old enough to do what they want.
Premenstrual Syndrome- Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is where a girl or woman gets some symptoms before her period each month. Some of the symptoms are: abdominal bloating, headaches and migraines, food cravings, anxiety, stress, mood swings and many more.
Looking For Identity-During puberty girls are looking for identity and where they will fit in in the world. This can make them feel like they don't belong or fit in and may also give them a sense of emptiness. Some of them will feel like going with the ideas of their parents or friends or trying to look good so that they feel like they are part of something and that they belong.
Mood Swings-During puberty because of the boost of hormones girls start to have mood swings where one moment your happy and the next you're sad and you don't know why. This is because of the changing levels of hormones in their body. This is hard for them because it is out of their control and this uncertainty can make them anxious and or uneasy as well as frustrating for them and the people around them.
Feelings for Males-During Puberty Females start to gather feelings for males and even start to form a relationship with them. Girls may start to have sexual desires for men because of the rise in hormones. This is normal and can be a bit embarrassing at times.
Peer Pressure-During Puberty girls experience peer pressure more often because of girls wanting to belong and fit in. This can make them become rebellious and take risks or do things that could harm themselves.
Boy Friends-Girls start to have boys included in their friendship groups and even get involved in a romantic relationship with them. This is because of a mental change where girls and boys want to be around each other more.
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