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Jumping the Nail

No description

Natalie _H

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of Jumping the Nail

I felt Olivia Holt (Who plays Lindy on I didn't do it) would play Dru because:

They're both around the age of 17-18
They both try to help or give advice
They both tell their friends what to do
Dru is a dynamic character, because she doesn't change two examples from the text are:
In the beginning Dru is uneasy about the jumping on page 38 it says "I couldn't take my eyes off her" also on page 38 and at the end she tells Mike that she didn't want to watch Grant and Tom jump too.
Dru is a major character because:
She is the narrator because it says me or I
Dru is in most of the chapters
Dru is round because:
She shows many different sides like loving with Mike and Elisa
She also shows sass and aditute with Scooter
I belive that Sean Flynn (Who plays Chase on Zoey 101) would play Mike because:
They both cares about their friends
They both give attention to the girls they like/date
Thy both have a friendly personality's
Mike is static because:
He is nice in the beginning by asking Dru out and nice in the end by helping Dru help look for Elisa
I picked Kim Kardashian to be Diane because
Both Diane and Kim want everyone to notice them
They're both divas
Sometimes they try to get peoples' attention by what they wear
Diane is dynamic because:
Her attitude changes depending on the person
Like, Diane gives affection to Hopi then to Tom as well
And acts like a snob or one upper to Dru
Diane is a major character because:
She's always at the jumps
Diane is always at spindrift when everyone else is there
Diane is round because:
She shows a lot of flaws like wanting to get together with Mike when he's with Dru which is desperate
Also her affection for people are very limited

I chose G. Hannelius (Avery from dog with a blog)
They are both around the age of 16-17
They both get stressed out
They get selfish or self concerned about themselves

Tweeny and Betsy
I picked Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard
to be Tweeny and Betsy because:
They're best friends all the time
They never leave each other
They always influence each others opinions
Jumping the Nail
Welcome to La Paloma
Mike is a major character because:
He is Dru's boyfriend
Since he's friends with Scooter he's in most of the drama which is in most of the chapters
Mike is flat because:
He's nice throughout the story
His aditude never majorly changes
Elisa is dynamic because:
Since she has depression her attitude will change most of the time
In the end she drives her self OFF THE CLIFF

This character is major because:
Most of the action is because of her
She's Dru's friends and some of the drama is because of they're friendship
Elisa is round because:
She has many sides to different people like she will do anything for Scooter because she likes him
Also because of her depression it causes her to change her attitude sometime but she doesn't mean it all of the time

I felt that Stephanie Scott (Who plays Lexie in A.N.T. farm) would play Scooter because:
They both love to be the coolest person around
They'll go through anything to get what they want
They both like when the opposite gender is into them
Scooter is static because:
He never changes he always acts like he's the king
He thinks he is a know-it-all because he jumped the nail and survived
Sometimes gets mean and sassy with Dru but that's his attitude
He is major because:
He jumped the nail and survived
His rivalry with Dru gets some drama in the book
He is round because:
He has different feelings for different people
When he has his moods it changes his attitude

Tweeny and Betsy are static because:
They are always going to be like twins
They'll always judge things the same way
They're minor characters because:
They only show up at the nail and Spindrift
They only appear in a few chapters
They are flat because
They think the same
They think for each other so they judge the same
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