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How to apply for DreamAct

Linda Yanez

on 5 April 2017

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Transcript of DreamAct

Where do I go to Apply?
Who can Apply?
Students who:
Are graduating high school seniors
Attend community college and are planning to transfer to a 4-year institution in Fall 2017. (Cal Grant Transfer Entitlement)
Are enrolled in a technical or vocational school may apply for Cal Grant C Entitlement

For High School Seniors & Returning Students
October 1, 2016-March 2, 2017:
Apply for Cal Grants Grant beginning October 1, 2016, for use in the Fall of 2017.
Apply for Fee Waiver (BOG) if attending a CA Community College
Apply for help institutional and college scholarships as UC Grants, State Univerisity Grants by priority deadlines.

General Requirements for Cal Grants
These are the requirements for all Cal Grant participants, whether or not students apply under the CA Dream Act:
Be a resident of California or AB540/AB2000
Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident or eligible non-citizen, or AB 540/AB2000
Attend an eligible California school
Meet Selective Service requirements
Not be in default on a student loan
Not have earned a bachelor’s degree
Maintain satisfactory academic progress
Be enrolled at least half-time

Cal Grant A
Presented by Linda Y.
High school seniors
With a minimum 3.0 GPA

Cal Grant CCC Grant Transfer Entitlement
Students who transfer to a CCC to a four-year university
Have graduated from a California high school after 1/7/00 and not yet reached 28 years
With a minimum GPA of 2.40

Cal Grant B
High School Graduates:
Minimun GPA of 2.0
Cal Grant B CCC Transfer Entitlement:
Students at a CCC use to transfer to a university program
Have graduated from high school after 7/1/00 and not to be over 28 years
GPA is used only CCC (Minimum GPA 2.40)
When will I know if I qualify?
For the Cal Grant award, students will receive an email indicating if they qualify & were awarded.

You can also check your Award Notifications by creating an account with CSAC at:
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