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Molly Moon's Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure


Savannah Hoak

on 20 November 2009

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Transcript of Molly Moon's Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure

Molly Moon's Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure Major Characters: -Molly Moon:
Molly Moon is one of the major characters in this book. She is a very smart and adventurous girl for only being eleven years old. She has mastered Hypnosis at a very young age. When she runs into trouble, she learns to time travel.
-Waqt(The Maharaja of Waqt):
Waqt is another major character. He has mastered hypnosis and time travel. His has a fairly large body and scaly skin from all the time travel. Is name also means, The Maharaja of Time. His plan is to stop Molly Moon from being the best hypnotist of all time.
Zackya is also a major character. His skin is also scaly from time travel and is doing whatever he can to get it changed back. Waqt has made a deal to make him look younger for his service (like a servant). That included kidnapping Molly Moon and her younger selves.
Minor Characters: -Forest:
Forest is one of the minor characters. He was once in the orphanage with Molly. Waqt brought Forest with him when he came back to with the younger Molly’s. He travels with Molly to help get her younger selfs back. -Rocky:
Rocky is ten years old and was brought from the past with the ten year old, three year old, and baby Molly Moon’s by Waqt. He is calm, and always has an idea of what to do. His ideas came in handy when helping Molly get her youger selfs back.
Ojas is another minor character. He is a young Indian boy from the 1870’s. He has a great since of humor. When his parents past away he was left to survive on his own. In the story, Ojas helps Molly, Rocky, Forest and Petula around India. Without him, they would be lost. -Petula:
Petula is Molly’s black pug. She knows the situation, what to do, and when to do it. Petula enjoys being Molly’s pet and wouldn’t change it for anything.
Rising Action: -Molly and Patula are kidnapped by Zackya. -The Maharaja of Waqt goes back in time to get baby Molly, three year old Molly, six year old Molly, and 10 year old molly. - Waqt tries to erase the memory of being able to hypnotize people, so that Molly can not become the best hypnotist of all time. Climax: - Waqt plans to execute the ten year old Molly. When the original Molly comes to the rescue, Waqt’s plans go down the drain. Falling Action: -Molly places The Maharaja of Waqt in a different time. -Molly hypnotizes Zackya. -Molly collects all the time traveling crystals. -Molly places the younger Molly’s and Forest in the correct time zones. Theme: I believe the auther wanted us to learn to not
abusethe power have like Waqt did because in
the end, all it did was hurt himself. Connections: -Connection between me and the book:
In the book, when they met Ojas, they didn't know whether to trust him or not. I can connect that to be because when I meet new people, I have to decide whether to trust them or not.
-Connection between the book and the world:
In the book, the crystals get stolen, I can make a connection to that because, in the world, many things get stolen.
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