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1-Need It, Want It?

Needs/Wants Spend or Save?

Manchester WP

on 19 August 2009

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Transcript of 1-Need It, Want It?

What would you spend
your money on? A NEED describes something you require to survive...
Can you think of an example of a NEED? A WANT describes something
that isn't a NEED
(something you could do without!)
Can you think of an example of a WANT? NEED or WANT? NEED or WANT? NEED or WANT? You've been marooned on a desert island!

You know that you are going to be there for at least a week until a ship next comes along, but there is a chance of planes flying over.

There are items that could help you survive for the week floating near the shore. However, you only have enough time to rescue 6 of them before they sink.

Can you list the top 6 items you would choose to rescue, in order of importance?
Your team must agree on ALL the items
You must give a reason for each choice

Imagine you were by yourself at home for a week. You've been given a basket full of items you have to choose from to help you get through to saturday!

What 5 items would you choose that you NEED?
What 5 items would you choose that you WANT? Need Want 80p 130p Can you guess the price of each of your chosen WANTS and NEEDS? Which are more expensive?

NEEDS or WANTS? Anyone who moves away from home has to think how they would make their money last each year!

Most students live on about £6000- £7000 a year.

Do you think you could do the same?

LOST! Treat Me... Home ALONE What if you had to live at home alone for a YEAR?

Can your team decide on the different things you
would have to spend money on?

Which team can get the most correct answers?

How much does a student have to spend on living each year? Ready for the answers? a framed poster of Cristiano Ronaldo
a spare tyre
a dictionary
5 litres of water
an old pair of jeans
a toilet roll
a Sugababes CD
a compass
an inflatable dinghy
an electric mains powered fan
a half-packet of cornflakes
a laptop computer
a blanket
a magnifying glass
2 gas cylinders
a giant bar of chocolate
a parasol
a packet of dried milk powder
a mirror
a make up bag with lipstick, moisturisers and suntan lotion
a rucksack
a first-aid kit
an MP3 player
a portable table and two chairs
Have you chosen items with different uses?
The water isn't much use as it's really quite heavy!
The dinghy would be useful for cover or as a sledge
The compass is useless without a map!
Have you got any items to help you signal? Rent Electricity/Gas Water Insurance Food Telephone Mobile TV Medicine Clothes/Shoes Haircuts Travel Laundry Going out/sports Emergencies Internet Savings
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