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Your Prezis

on 14 September 2018

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Transcript of BTSN!

What do we learn
this year?
Here is our 4th Grade Curriculum...
Welcome Parents!
This presentation will tell you...

1. A little about myself

2. Class Subjects

3. Our Schedule

4. Classroom Rules & Rewards

5. Homework & Grades
Now it's time to take a look at our daily schedule!
On Your Desk & In Your Folder...
Social Studies
My Math
Test & Quizzes

Math- Mid Chapter Quizzes, Vocab Quizzes, and Post Chapter Tests

Science and Social Studies- we will be following the scope and sequence the district has provided us with.
Left side
1. Back to School Brochure- contains important points from tonight's meeting so you don't have to take notes.
2. Class Dojo letter & login
3. District Curriculum information
Right side
1. Parent Portal letter & login information
2. Parent Info Sheet- Please help me get to know your child better by filling out this paper.
3. Note paper to write a note to your child
4. Family HW Pass
My Background
I grew up in Gloucester Township and just recently moved back!
I graduated from Camden County College with my Associate's Degree in Elementary Education.
I also graduated from Stockton University with my Bachelor's Degree in both Elementary Education and Communications.
My experience
I have been working in Gloucester Township since 2011. I completed my Student Teaching at Erial Elementary School in 1st Grade.
I was a substitute teacher for our district before finding my family here at UV. This is my 6th year "officially" teaching. I spent 4 years in 4th grade and this will be my 2nd year in 5th grade.
Personal life
I got married four summers ago to my amazing husband! We got married in Montego Bay, Jamaica with 35 of our friends and family. We are both huge dog lovers and we have a dog named Petie (the kids hear about him a lot). I am very close with my family and I talk about them a lot, too! I like to instill a strong sense of community in my class and I always remind my students that we are all a part the UV family.
My Math
Daily Lessons include:
Review and Problem of the Day
Investigate and Model
This is where a new skill is taught
Guided and Independent practice
Problem Solving
TCI Science & Social Studies
TCI was created by teachers for students to have a more interactive experience with the content. The students will be conducting investigations this year in both of these subjects.
Throughout the year we will be exploring all that our program has to offer. We will be learning geography, information about the United States, and all about our region. We will also complete many STEAM experiments. I know the students are very excited for this new approach to some difficult material.
8:30-8:45 Morning Routine
8:45-9:25 Special
9:25-11:25 ELA
11:25-12:40 Math
12:40-1:10 Lunch
1:10-1:55 Science/S.S.
1:55-2:15 Recess
2:15-2:45 Intervention
2:45-2:55 Pack up & Dismissal
Our Daily Schedule
Day 1 Computers

Day 2 Physical Education

Day 3 Digital Literacy

Day 4 Spanish & Library

Day 5 Art

Day 6 Music
Special Schedule
Classroom Rules
All students need to have a book in their book bag every day for the bus room in the afternoon.
1st Time: Verbal Warning
2nd Time: Recess Time Owed
3rd Time: Additional Time Owed
4th Time: No Recess & note home
Severe: Sent directly to office
Homework is checked daily. Students will receive credit for handing in their homework on time.
If a student forgets to complete homework, they will be responsible for completing it at Recess.
If it was completed and left at home, I allow 1 school day for it to be returned. If it is not returned it will be re-done at Recess.
Students will be given time each day to copy their homework into their assignment book for Homeroom and for ELA.
* Please feel free to communicate with me by writing in your child's assignment book.
This often works better than placing a note in your child's homework folder because sometimes the students forget to give them to me.
Class Dojo
Class Dojo is an online behavior management tool used in our classroom. This tool uses real time feedback to improve and encourage good behavior, rather than focusing on punishing bad behavior. Students are able to see their progress by using their student logins. Dojo points can be turned in for rewards.
As students move up the behavior board points are earned and as they move down points are deducted.
This program also allows parents to see when students have earned or lost points.
Please logon and use this site with us. I am still learning all that this tool has to offer as this is the 3rd year I'll be using it and they add new features frequently.
Please feel free to email me or message me on Class Dojo!

I check this daily and try to respond quickly.

All homework is listed in the Parent Portal.

Science & S.S
All Assignments & Assessments are worth 50%
Tests 40%
Quizzes 20%
CW 30%
HW 10%
Other Things...
There are a few items that parents have expressed interest in donating to our classroom. If you would like to donate any materials it would be greatly appreciated. Just grab an apple (they are located on the back reading table).
Thank you!
Thank you so much for coming tonight! It was so nice to meet all of you! I look forward to working together with you to make this your child's most successful year of school!
Feel free to look around and if you have questions about anything in our room just ask.

*Side note: I LOVE supporting students outside the classroom too so if your child is involved in any extra curricular activities that I could attend let me know (schedule or note) and I will TRY my best to come!
Important Information
We have several students who have food allergies. Please be mindful of what you send in for snack & Birthday treats.
If your child has an allergy, please feel free to send in a treat that they may keep in class in case they cannot have what someone has sent in. Also, please be sure to write down any allergies your child may have on your Parent Paper.
* When students trade in their points for prizes
this will look like a "negative" in the parent view. The title of this will be "CASHING IN," please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
Here is our 5th Grade Curriculum...
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