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Tylenol 3's By Nazneen Gulzar

No description

Nazneen G

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Tylenol 3's By Nazneen Gulzar

Tylenol 3's
Tylenol 3 Used Wrong!
High school students tend to go to the
nurse's office
for the wrong reason. Although they're acting as if they have a stomach ache, or a headache, they really just walked in to ask for a
prescription drug
Sienna Miller
“I still love unusual hallucinogenic drugs. If I could have my pick, it would be magic mushrooms.” – Sienna Miller. It’s really surprising that a cute blonde like Sienna Miller did and probably still does magic mushrooms.

What is Tylenol 3?
Is a
pain reliever and a fever reducer
Used to treat many conditions such as headaches, muscle aches etc...
Can only be
by doctors
Common names are: acetaminophen, codeine, and caffeine.
Students In Market for Painkillers
Lack of coordination

One million
Canadians are addicted to prescription meds.
In a CAMH 2009 study,
of Ontario students in gr. 7-12 use prescription pain relievers non-medically; that's just under 200,000 students- and that's just in Ontario.
Prescription drugs are
the third most commonly abused substance
by students in Ontario behind alcohol and marijuana.
By: Nazneen Gulzar
Last year in late December in Ottawa, police investigated 20 drugstore robberies and four attempted robberies, all targeting
Tylenol 3s
, which are some of the most
painkillers on the market.
Random teenagers wouldn't be stealing drugs for no reason. Everyone has a reason for their actions. What makes them so addicting? Why are drugs the answer to our problems?

Personally, I think that it's impossible to change someone -anyone. People
the most hardest thing to change, right? We all have our own opinions and choices. If you're going to prevent someone from doing drugs you need to realize who you're talking to. Its really their choice if they want to let go or not.
But that doesn't mean you need to let go too. You can slowly help that person lift his addiction. Make goals like: go three days without (whatever the drug it might be), and keep extending that.
Prevention for Me
A while ago I
myself that I would only use prescription drugs for medical reasons.
Till today I have kept that promise, and want to keep it that way. But if someone did offer me some drugs, or I was in a situation involving that,
I would straight up tell the truth, that I don't
I was stuck thinking I'll lose my friends with that, then I'd probably come up with a white lie.






Any Questions?
Tylenol 3 is similar to Vicodin, which is also a painkiller, and is used to relieve moderate to severe pain.
They both have the
same effects
when you overdose on them.
Acetaminophen overdose occurs when someone
accidentally or intentionally
takes more than the normal or recommended amount of pills. This overdose is one of
the most common poisonings
worldwide. Many people think this is safe, but when taken in a large amount, the results can be
Abdominal pain
Appetite loss
Upset stomach

If any of these symptoms occur, you
know who to call!
If I was stuck in a situation where my friends peer pressured me into doing drugs. I would straight up come up with a suitable white lie. Like: I'm allergic to drugs.
If your friends think your uncool because you didn't take the drug, than maybe they aren't true friends at all.
I mean I wouldn't stuff myself with a drug that can do harm to my body just to look cool.
"I don't know at what point exactly it started to be a problem. I just remember liking it more and more,"explains the international pop star. The rapper talked about how he never felt he had a problem with drugs, as he wasn't. He admits that he was hooked to Vicodin, Valium, and Xanax.
His addiction to prescription pills soon took over his life, and he recalls the moment he nearly died after taking an overdose. "My organs were shutting down. My liver, kidneys, everything... They didn't think I was going to make it. My bottom was going to be death," he says.
During the peak of his drug addiction, Eminem reveals that he was taking up to
60 Valium
30 Vicodin
pills a day. In 2007 he overdosed on methadone. "The doctors told me I'd done the equivalent of
four bags of heroin
. They said I was two hours from dying."

Long term: Other than dizziness, drowsiness and nausea, side effects may include constipation, loss of appetite, headache, sweating and euphoria.

Some people experience shortness of breath, especially if they have asthma.

Short term effects include rashes, disorientation, dry mouth and urinary difficulties.
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