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No description

Ryan Clare

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of scotland!!!!!!!!

Scotland. Scotland's official flag is white X cross shape and a blue background it is the cross of Saint Andrew. The three major cities are ... January 2013 BY. Ryan 1) Dundee population is 156,311.
2)Perth population is 45,916.
3)Glasgow population 599,220. The neighboring countries are ENGLAND and IRELAND. The population of Scotland is 5,254,800. The neighbouring water bodies are : The Irish Sea.
the North Sea.
and the North Atlantic Ocean. The Land The capital for Scotland is EDINBURGH. Scotland has 787 islands but only 130 of them are inhabited. The reason Scotland's land is so unique because they have lots of castles, islands, hills and dales This is Tartan. This is a Bagpipe This is what it looks like together. Culture Food Holiday Language Recreation Haggis is a Scottish delicacy it is a type of sausage made of sheep liver oats pepper and onions. And then sewn into a sheep's stomach bag and boiled This is the Military Tattoo it is a music festival that draws international bagpipe and drums bands to Edinburgh castle in August. There are two languages spoken in Scotland. They are English and Gaelic they speak Gaelic in the Highlands. Here are some sports Golf , Curling and Shot put. This is a guy playing shot put with a big bolder this is what they use before they used iron. Standard of Living The standard of living is kind of like Canada they farm, work in factories and support tourism. This is a Canadian house. This is a Scottish house This is a Scottish village Economy Scotland's major industries are ... Whisky brewing Ship making and iron One British pound is $1.75 canadian. Tourism 1. Falkirk wheel 2. EDINBURGH Castle Here are 3 major place's to go ... THANKS FOR WATCHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The principal rule of the Edinburgh Castle was made for military use but now it is just a tourist attraction The principal of the the Falkirk wheel is for a rotating boat lift. EDINBURGH Edinburgh is a good place to visit because there are a lot of things to see and do. Cool fact: The modern game of golf
was invented in Scotland in the 15th
century. The house on the left is a typical Scottish house. (It is the house where my Mum grew up). The house on the right is a Canadian house which are much larger and more grand. This is what Edinburgh looks like
at Christmas time.
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